Vegetarian made simple

“Flexitarian” is a recent term, but the idea of eating less meat than usual from time to time is customary in many cultures.

July 13, 2017 19:11
Bow-tie pasta

Bow-tie pasta with brussels sprouts, Gorgonzola and hazelnuts. (photo credit: YAKIR LEVY)

Spending a year in Spain kindled Carla Snyder’s passion for gastronomy. At her recent presentation of her latest book, One Pan Two Plates: Vegetarian Suppers, she said that although she loves to cook, she hates cleaning up. She told us that she developed her book to help people who would like to enjoy a gourmet meal at home but find it hard to prepare one at the end of a workday. In her recipes, the preparation is easy and there is only one pan to clean.

When cooking pasta for two, instead of boiling a large amount of water in a pasta pot, save time by using a medium-large saucepan of about 3 liters, Snyder recommends. Then you can make the sauce in the same pan, as Snyder does for her creamy dish of bowtie pasta with brussels sprouts, Gorgonzola and hazelnuts. (See recipe.)


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