A sweet success

According to the Israeli Honey Council, about 500 apiarists produce honey from some 100,000 beehives situated throughout the country.

September 14, 2017 13:36
A sweet success

wo of Yael Farbstein’s daughters in protective gear at Kedumim Honey. . (photo credit: KEDUMIM HONEY)

While dipping the apple in honey, with the greeting Shana tova u’metuka (a good and sweet year) on our lips, just imagine the intense labor of the thousands of bees that produce the honey. To produce one kilogram of honey, bees must tap four million flowers.

Yael Farbstein, founder and owner of Kedumim Honey, is surrounded by her younger children – who all have [protected] hands-on experience – as she relates the fascinating process of honey production.


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