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bees on honeycomb illustrative

Bees - among most vital creatures on Earth - join endangered species list

The use of uncontrolled pesticides, the continuation of deforestation and lack of cipher flowers (bee food) are the main reasons for the recent population nosedive.

US ambassador sings to Israel, Shana Tova

In a comedic video, David Friedman wishes a happy holiday to the people of Israel.

A bee is seen on the frame of a hive in a village of Ripanj

Israeli start-up mimics nature to enable autonomous vehicles to see

"We essentially took the insect's head and put it on one piece of hardware, which you just connect to your car or vehicle."


Israelis to quaff honey beer and get a buzz for World Bee Day

In celebration of World Bee Day, Israelis will be able to observe the working of a beehive, drink honey beer and learn about the importance of the insect in nature.

Sparks fill the air as Paris Fire brigade members spray water to extinguish flames as the Notre Dame

Notre Dame bees survive massive blaze

Three beehives were housed at Notre Dame on a roof about 30 meters below the main roof where the fire spread. Each hive has about 60,000 bees.


Honey production buzzing from winter rainfall

With the numbers appearing the way they are now, there will be no shortness in sweetness this year.

A sweet success

According to the Israeli Honey Council, about 500 apiarists produce honey from some 100,000 beehives situated throughout the country.

Une abeille collectant du nectar

Abeilles en détresse

Des carences en oméga-3 pourraient expliquer la disparition massive des colonies d’abeilles dans le monde

Honey bees in Israel

How to save the world food chain

Hebrew University’s Triwaks Bee Research Center, founded in 1976, focuses on bee foraging behavior, secretions and mite control.

Honey bees in Israel

Juvenile hormone study to protect bee pollinators

Somewhere along the evolutionary history of these bees, juvenile hormone stopped doing one job, and started doing a different job.

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