Explore myths and caves in New York with Eden Auerbach Ofrat's solo show

A video-art and installation artist, Auerbach Ofrat deals with cultural archetypes, symbols and contradictory and complementary existential poles, while relying on both literary and mythical sources.


Royal beekeeper informs bees that Queen Elizabeth has died

John Chapple, 79, recited a "prayer," letting the bees know that their old master had died.

That stings: Climate change can make bumblebees wake up too early and die - study

Climate change can make bumblebees wake up from hibernation too early, likely a fatal outcome. Since bumblebees are vital pollinators in agriculture, this can spell disaster for everyone.

bees on honeycomb illustrative

Bees have grown increasingly nervous over the past century. Here's why - study

New research analyzed the impact climate change has had on bees since 1900. Without action, the future is not looking good for the essential crop pollinators.

Bee-free honey attracts big-time mystery investor

Upwards of $30 million dollars in investment money is on the line in a new deal between Bee-io and an unnamed investor.


Bee 'wiggle dance' inspires new way for robots to communicate

Robots could use motion-based communication to communicate even when there's no digital network available.

Bee-io’s cultivated honey is pure, baby-safe, and 100% bee-free

The company has announced that industrial-scale production of their product will begin by March 2022.

Asian honey bees 'scream' when attacked by hornets

When hornets attack their hives, Asian honey bees produce special warning sounds that sound like screams.

By Dr. Yonat Eshchar/Davidson Institute of Science Education
bees on honeycomb illustrative

Bees scream at hornets that attack their beehive, study shows

Asian honey bees create a shrieking sound by flapping their wings when their hive is being attacked by a hornet, a new study found.

Why are bees becoming an endangered species in Israel?

Michal Herzog meets with beekeepers to find out why.

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