City notes: Art, art, art

The time is right to revel in Israel’s rich arts scene – from activist painting, to sculptures hidden in nature, to innovative sound design. Pick your favorite, or try a few.

October 19, 2017 18:23
3 minute read.
Wilfrid Israel Museum

Feminity meets the tensions of war at the new Wilfrid Israel Museum exhibition.. (photo credit: WORK BY MESHI KOPILEVICH; COURTESY WILFRID ISRAEL MUSEUM)


Art and war The Wilfrid Israel Museum of Asian Art and Studies welcomes you to its new exhibition, “Loaded Silence,” which will open on November 4 and run through February 24. The exhibition, curated by Shir Mellar Yamaguchi, presents Israeli artists who “struggle in their work with the constant tension of existence in the shadow of an ongoing conflict, the militaristic culture in which we live, the wars of the past that continue to cause harm and the wars of the future.”


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