Film for change

The Social Film Festival will take place in Lod from October 23 to 26.

October 19, 2017 18:30
Avishai Ben Baruch

Avishai Ben Baruch: Looking to generate ripples across the social strata spectrum.. (photo credit: AVISHAI BEN BARUCH)

Oscar Wilde may have contended that “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life,” but, as any self-respecting documentarist will tell you, you can do a pretty good job at presenting street level reality, with little in the way of frills, with a convincing piece of video film. Avishai Ben Baruch is looking to take that philosophy a notch further with the Social Film Festival which will take place, in Lod from October 23 to 26.

Actually, Ben Baruch is not playing a guessing game when he contends that screening films about all sorts of social and other pressing issues can make a difference. This is the third edition of the festival, and the man who conceived the event says the proof of the change-generating pudding has been there from the start. He also notes that his brainchild was a natural extension of his own career path. “It comes straight out of my own background,” he says. “When I thought of setting up a festival, I didn’t think of having a music or dance program, because that’s not what I do. I know cinema. I studied film at Sapir College, and I make films and TV series.” Ben Baruch’s latest project is nearing completion. “I am in the final stages of a documentary about Ethiopians in Israel over the last 35 years. The Jewish community in Atlanta [Georgia] funded the film and it will be shown there. It’s in English. We’ll also have a screening in Israel.”


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