Police nab activists in severed animal head case

Members of animal rights organization allegedly leave severed animal heads around Tel Aviv last month.

April 24, 2013 19:56
A cow is hit with a cattle prod

Cattle prod animal abuse cow pain scream 370. (photo credit: Courtesy of 'Tnuva Cruelty')

Police arrested 10 animal rights activists Wednesday morning they suspect left severed cow, goat and sheep heads at a number of locations in the Tel Aviv area last month.

The suspects – eight men and two women – are members of the animal rights organization 269Life, police said. The organization was founded last year and was inspired by its namesake, a calf numbered 269 at an Israeli slaughterhouse. The movement, whose actions have gone viral online, has gained notoriety for tattooing and branding the number 269 on its members.

In March, passersby reported finding a severed goat’s head in Dizengoff Circle while a severed cow’s head was found in a public fountain on north Ibn Gvirol Boulevard. In both cases, the water had also been died red and graffiti was written reading “Free 269.”

Police said on Wednesday that after the incident in early March they appointed a special investigative task force headed by Ch.-Insp. Rona Morad of the Yarkon subdistrict, which opened an undercover investigation into the group.

Within hours of their arrest on Tuesday, the activists were released pending an indictment, as police decided not to seek a remand extension.

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