December 27, 2016: Whipped-up fun

Yes, for millions of Americans, a holiday without a shpritz of cream on top of pies and desserts is a serious blow to their annual celebrations.

December 26, 2016 21:32

Letters. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Whipped-up fun

On the longest, darkest day of the year, thank you for providing some light and a smile with the business feature “Whippocalypse? US ready-made whipped cream in short supply,” December 22. While usually only skimming the Business pages, we learn about serious issues of finance.

In “Whippocalypse” we learn of an explosion in a gas producing facility.

Damage to the plant, which produced nitrous oxide gas, has resulted in a shortage of “shpritz” whipped cream in the US for the holidays.

Yes, for millions of Americans, a holiday without a shpritz of cream on top of pies and desserts is a serious blow to their annual celebrations.

However, it was the photo accompanying the article that captured my attention.

“Presidential candidate Donald Trump eats the whipped cream off his hot chocolate... in February” is the caption with the photo of the president-elect putting a spoon in his mouth.

So Trump needs to add a shortage of whipped cream to the long list of complaints against him? I question using a photo that doesn’t really have anything to do with the news, however, it was ridiculous enough for a laugh, so thanks, The article ends, “there is light at the end of the tunnel.” I sure hope that is true.


Muslim hero

No other politician in our history has ever done nearly as much damage to the US as President Barack Obama has, “Jerusalem furious over US bombshell at UN,” December 25.

Everything he’s done has weakened the country and strengthened our deadly terrorist enemies.

He’ll be remembered as a Muslim hero.

We’ll remember his betrayal of trust.


San Clemente, California

New Canaan

Shalom! I’m a Brazilian who was blessed to know the wonderful Eretz Yisrael in 2015.

I had traveled to another few countries, appreciating their different cultures and beauties around the world.

Speaking honestly, I think nothing compares to this amazing living treasure among continents, this “new Canaan” the Jewish people have built and are continuing to build.

Even as a simple and anonymous foreigner, in my mind, it’s a difficult task to hide this kind of sensation about your magnificent home of landmarks. There is a deep admiration and pleasure to stay with Israeli citizens and places.

In another words, I’m in love with Israel, for all this country has become and represents, as a beacon for all nations – in fact, I felt that my soul ascended when it was on Jewish soil.

In a single word, Israel is “unique”! And now, I suffer, missing you.

From deserts to millions of stars in a shining night, like snow at the top of mountains – feeding rivers that provide gorgeous oasis and crops, so my soul waits to return to this remarkable shelter for all people who love life.


Contagem, Brazil

One religion

In the one and only Jewish country to which I made aliya, is it not enough to celebrate our own holidays? Do we really have to tout those of a religion that has been the source of such torment to the Jewish people (“Chrismukka in Tel Aviv,” December 23)? I also refer to the Muslim celebrations that we seem to take such delight in advertising and in which our leaders also to some extent take part.

I made aliya to a Jewish country in which it is a crime to build homes for Jews but not for our enemies; It is a crime to demolish illegal buildings of our enemies but not for Jews; A country where Jews are forcibly thrown out of their homes by their own government; Where Muslims are called to prayer five times a day, starting around 4:30 in the morning through loudspeakers that would wake the dead, never mind the normal household with children, and no one is prepared to stop them because it would make them angry and our government would have to face angry Muslims (“Muezzin, Kotel bills on hold until after Trump inauguration,” December 23).

I made aliya to a Jewish country where the IDF holds drills simulating raids against fortified bunkers, clears safe passages through minefields, breaks down fortified doors and deals with nonconventional threats in the battlefield and continues to work day in and day out to counter the threat of tunnels originating in the Gaza Strip (“Preparing for a future war in the Gaza Strip’s tunnels,” December 23).

I fail to understand this as surely the logical solution would have been to destroy Hamas long ago, and certainly during Operation Protective Edge, ensuring our military and our citizens would not have to live under the threat of attack.

Notwithstanding all of the above, I am proud of my country’s potential to be one that is unafraid to live according to Jewish law, when we will finally assert our full sovereignty over our land, which was our purpose in being returned after so long in exile.



Really understands

Column One columnist Caroline B. Glick really understands what is happening in America and elsewhere in her article “Israel and the new rising West,” December 23.

The fact that US President-elect Donald Trump unexpectedly won the election despite the fact that many Democrats and public media tried to control the outcome of the election shows in the end who is really in control.

God is watching Israel’s back This outcome was indeed a miracle.

I have no doubt that President Barack Obama will do his best to stand against Israel.

And George Soros should understand that despite how rich he is, he is not God.



Ill informed

US Secretary of State John Kerry is an idiot and a remarkably ill informed one at that, “Jerusalem furious over US bombshell at UN,” December 25.

Kerry’s remarks after the vote at the United Nations Security Council that Israel’s unprecedented activities in Judea and Samaria have spawned terrorism and violence in the region are false.

Two things create terrorism: leaders who encourage and incite their followers to commit acts of terrorism, and a lack of constructive, decent impartial leadership in the world.

Today we have both! President Barack Obama and Kerry, through their inept, incompetent, spineless leadership and incoherent policies, have done more to encourage terrorism over the past eight years than one could ever have believed possible.

And they continue to blame their inadequacies on Israel – the only true democracy in the Middle East.

The Obama-Kerry foreign policy legacy will be the hundreds of thousand of deaths, the untold numbered of wounded and the colossal destruction – all by terrorism – that has taken place around the world under their hapless watch.

Shame on them! Let us pray: “Obama and Kerry I thee implore go from here and sin no more, But if that effort be too great Go from here at any rate.”

Indeed thank God they will be gone in less than a month!

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