June 14: Sharing the burden

The challenging retort of Moses to the tribes of Reuben and Gad should serve as a rejoinder to in NY protesting enlistment of yeshiva students.

June 13, 2013 22:19
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Sharing the burden

Sir, – The challenging retort of Moses to the tribes of Reuben and Gad in regard to their request to settle on the east of the Jordan while the remaining tribes were to be engaged in the battles necessitated by their entrance into the promised land, should serve as a most appropriate rejoinder to those haredim in New York who were protesting against Israel’s drafting of yeshiva students for military service (“Thousands of haredim in lower Manhattan protest IDF draft,” June 11).

“Shall your brothers go out to war while you sit here?” (Numbers 32) Is there a need for any more to be said?

Petah Tikva

Birthday bash

Sir, – The forthcoming extravaganza honoring President Shimon Peres’s 90th birthday is a scandal of monumental proportions (“KKL-JNF won’t pay Bill Clinton’s $500,000 speaking fee,” June 10).

Not that I wish to deprive the nonagenarian his due.

But where does a country like Israel or even its paragovernmental organization have the chutzpah to pay former US president Clinton $500,000 as payment for delivering a speech on behalf of Peres? Who knows how many other generous gratuities have been offered to celebrities who appear at the party? It is untenable that Israel, with so many of its citizens below the poverty line, sustain such extravagance.

In addition, I know the IDF cannot afford to pay for basic army clothing like fleece linings, quality thermo clothing, etc. to our service men in various combat troops. Not able to provide these basics, the IDF encourages the soldiers to raise the money for these basic necessities on their own! Instead of wasting funds on self-indulgent birthday parties, the money should be going to the impoverished citizens of Israel and to the men and women who are defending our country.


Devoid of history

Sir – It seldom occurs that one can differ from Martin Sherman’s carefully crafted essays, other than over a few items. In this case, a few omissions can be added (“My prediction: Please help prove it wrong,” Into the Fray, Observations, June 7).

The very question of Israel’s claims to sovereignty can be readily challenged. A true democracy entails personal parliamentary representation.

Efforts in the past to secure this vital element, the province of a truly functional democracy, have always fallen on deaf ears. Neither the principal parties or leading politicians would consider it.

For years, several Arab members of the Knesset have engaged in acts or language undoubtedly of a traitorous nature without any recourse.

In recent times, we have witnessed improper behavior by active and passive public figures denigrating the state, without an effective challenge by the government.

What comes to mind immediately is the highly acclaimed Israeli film, The Gatekeepers.

Years ago, who would have imagined that several key former heads of the Mossad would have publicly paraded left-wing propaganda? That they would have suffered a crisis of confidence may be understood, but allowing their experience of old fashioned Jewish guilt to be used to present the arguments of our enemies in an open forum is not.

Nor is their anguish in slaying creatures given to acts of savagery.

It is shameful that a movie displaying total intellectual dishonesty, completely devoid of history and with an emphasis on a lack of dignity by prominent individuals, has been lauded to our detriment.

Finally, it is not surprising that we have now reached a low level in esteem, considering our desperation. If one is not truly independent, what can be the expectation? ALEX ROSE

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