The financial services community is facing bad news. Its institutions are creaking, its belief is crumbling, and regulation is getting tighter. Finally, there is some good stuff. A new website is being launched for the financial services community, and it stands to change the way executives communicate, forever. has been called "Facebook for executives", but it offers a lot more than water-cooler gossip and widgets. The membership of reads like an industry who's who. This dream rolodex features CIOs, CEOs and other senior executives from ABN Amro, Barclays, HBOS, Goldman Sachs, Visa and many, many more. All of them, just two clicks away. Weekly interviews with industry leaders are webcast on the site's dedicated channel. These are combined with live, moderated discussion groups, video conferencing, IM and secure e-mail in one easy-to-use app. It is this superb functionality that makes truly exciting. This is the only financial services networking tool to combine quick and secure video calls with IM, e-mail and SMS between members on one, simple interface: their profile page. Select an executive, read their bio information and extensive career notes, and in two clicks members can be on a video call to discuss common challenges. There is no cost to joining and membership is by application only. is strictly for financial services executives to ensure a truly secure, open environment where they can learn from each other. This communication is more important than ever, and something the industry must embrace. Austin Adams, former CIO for JPMorgan Chase, says of "Every one of us as CIOs can be much more effective as individuals and as leaders if we take what I call a progressive / aggressive stance to dialogue with other CIOs." Spencer Green, Founder of, says, "We are really excited by the take-up on membership, which we will close at 50,000. We currently have 20,000 members through invitation only; the next 30,000 will be through application. "Every single week there will be video interviews with the top thought- and industry leaders, including Martin Davis, CIO for Wachovia, Kim Fournais, Co-CEO of Saxo Bank, and Peter Leukert, CIO at Commerzbank. This truly is an environment for technologists to discuss implementation, strategy, and common challenges. "We are seeing that this platform is exactly what the industry has been crying out for. The feedback has been incredible. We must learn from our mistakes and not put our heads in the sand." offers a clean, simple user interface and easy-to-use functionality in one smart package. The future for financial services - in networking terms at least - is looking very bright indeed. As a reader of, you can subscribe free of charge

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