14+ Best Education Wordpress Themes For 2016

Wordpress offers a variety of themes, but when building an education website, some themes work better than others. Here are our top education Wordpress themes for 2016.

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When developing a new website through Wordpress, you will be required to choose a website theme. While it's great that Wordpress provides so many different themes, it can also be overwhelming when trying to decide which theme is best for the website you are creating. 

A website for education has its own specific needs that cannot be met by just any Wordpress theme. For a fully-functioning website that provides a school's information, you'll want a theme that can easily meet your expectations without a lot of additional assistance. 

Here are our favourite education Wordpress themes for 2016 and where you can purchase each one:

1. Kidzone - Children Kindergartent Wordpress Theme

While the initial design of Kidzone appeals more to elementary or preschool level classes and schools, the Kidzone theme can be customized to meet the needs of any level, including high schools and universities. The theme is fully responsive, so visitors can easily view the page from their phones or tablets. It is also SEO friendly and built to load quickly.

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2. EduGate - Multiconcept Education Wordpress Theme: $49

EduGate is an excellent Wordpress theme option for universities or schools that offer online courses or classes. The theme provides an easy to use template for uploading and creating courses which can then be purchased and administered directly on the website. EduGate is also easy to customize, giving you plenty of options to make the site your own. 
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3. Upside - Multi-purpose Wordpress Theme: $59

Upside allows you to manage all your university or school details in one place. Education benefits of the Upside Wordpress Theme include everything from staff management and course management to events management. The Upside Wordpress Theme also delivers a completely customizable webpage. 

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4. Education Wordpress Theme | Education WP - Wordpress: $59

This SEO optimized and responsive Wordpress theme is another excellent option for selecting a theme for an education webpage. But the Education Wordpress Theme provides more than just an beautiful template to create a website, it also gives the user a Learning Management System, or LMS. 
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5. Smartway - Learning & Courses Wordpress Theme: $49

The main features of Smartway that make it a great education Wordpress theme are the teacher profile pages, course pages, lesson plan pages, and LMS plugins. 
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6. LearnPLUS | Education LMS Responsive Theme - Wordpress: $59

LearnPLUS uses an LMS that allows easy creation of quizzes, online courses, and virtual profiles to keep students on track and engaging with their coursework. The theme also offers drag and drop page building, a powerful admin control panel, and an event calendar. 
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7. Kiddy - Children Wordpress Theme: $59

Kiddy is a colorful and playful option if you are designing a website for younger school children. The completely customizable page offers a fun backdrop to display all your information. 
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8. Lincoln - Education Material Design Wordpress Theme - Wordpress: $59

The Lincoln Wordpress Theme is a multi-lingual theme that allows for course registration and payment right on the site. The theme also allows for selling items and creating forums for students to chat. 
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9. University | Education Responsive Wordpress Theme - Wordpress: $49

University is another Wordpress theme that allows users to manage events, courses, and teams all from a completely customizable template. This is a great option for universities or high schools. 
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10. Universo - Powerful Education, Courses & Events - Wordpress: $49

The benefits of the Universo Wordpress theme include an events calendar as well as specific course pages. The theme is also incredibly customizable and offers multi-lingual support. 
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11. EduCampus - Education & University Wordpress Theme - Wordpress: $49

The EduCampus Wordpress Theme offers a simple theme for those looking to create a webpage dedicated strictly to displaying information. Without the added extras, which include course catalogs and registrations, the EduCampus Theme provides an easy to use template that is responsive and retina ready. 

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12. Education, Event and Course - ETHIC LMS Theme - Wordpress: $59

The ETHIC LMS theme gives you 7 homepage options to choose from, unlimited colors, an events calendar, and the LearnDash LSM plugin. LearnDash allows users to create courses and lessons that can all be followed through online. 
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13. Masterstudy - Education Center Wordpress Theme - Wordpress: $59

The Masterstudy theme gives you the option to provide both paid and free courses and lessons, display your teaching staff, and create blog and event updates. Users can also give ratings and reviews to classes which they have taken. The theme also allows you to customize the site to fit your business's specific needs.

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14. Child Dooris - Kindergarten & School Wordpress Theme - Wordpress: $59

The last Wordpress theme on our list of best education Wordpress themes is Child Dooris. A colorful and clean display provides an excellent way to deliver information about your kindergarten, day care, or preschool. 
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When selecting a Wordpress theme for your education website, it is important to consider the components you will need before making a purchase. This includes customizable options, course enrollment, or project management services. The level of school which you are running will largely determine your needs, and whether you need a more unique and detailed Wordpress theme. Any of these fourteen education Wordpress themes can provide you with the plugins you need on your webpage.