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70 Members of the Knesset sign pact of mutual respect

The MKs have promised to try to treat each other more cordially from now on.

Vaccine (illustrative)

Edelstein says MKs will not receive flu vaccines early

Medical teams, the elderly and those with preexisting conditions will be the first to receive the vaccine.

A Member of Knesset will be the next contestant on 'Ninja Israel'

Razvozov, who immigrated to Israel from the Jewish Autonomous Oblast of the Soviet Union when he was 11, started training at judo when he was only six-years-old.

Porcupine found in the Knesset's bathrooms

The bathrooms were left open over night, to let it leave on its own accord when it wished.

GIDEON SAAR in his Knesset office this week: Leadership is based on advancing your ideology, and the

Gideon Sa'ar: 'We, as public servants, are judged by our deeds'

Gideon Sa’ar talks to the ‘Post’ about Netanyahu, the reforms needed in the legal system and why he won’t let there be a Palestinian state.

NBN welcomes MK Pnina Tamano-Shata as new Minister of Aliyah

MK Pnina Tamano-Shata will serve as Minister of Aliyah and Integration in Israel’s 35th Knesset.

Benjamin Netanyahu leaves Nir Barkat out of government

Among the high profile Likud figures left without a portfolio are Gideon Sa'ar and Avi Dichter.


Knesset speaker in-waiting: Moroccan immigrant who studied pluralism

Cohen, 64, was born in the Moroccan town of Essaouira and moved to Israel when he was seven years old. His family was one of the founding families of Dimona, the city he became mayor of in 2003.


Blue and White MK denies accusations of racism, releases interview tape

The recording taken by Hendel was sent in an internal Blue and White party WhatsApp group and, from there, was released to the media.

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