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Finance Ministry to present Netanyahu with benefit plan for unemployed

The new plan is to help workers placed on unpaid leave by offering them monthly benefits reaching thousands of shekels.

A United Arab Emirates (UAE) flag waves alongside an Israeli flag
Amir Peretz discusses cooperation with Emirati industry minister

"We are a world power of gas and oil" and would be happy to collaborate with you to produce "green energy and clean refining projects, along with other issues."

Businesses threaten not to close without compensation if lockdown imposed

The National Insurance Institute expects up to 300,000 Israelis will be out of work should the government enforce state-wide lockdown, some say more

Amir Peretz to 'Post': Israel, UAE can enjoy the fruits of the peace deal

Peace could be sustained only if it is established on the basis of the relations between the citizens of the countries.

Amir Peretz: Netanyahu makes us deal with politics instead of coronavirus

"The prime minister is causing many good people to deal with politics instead of focusing on the coronavirus."

Peretz targets industrial parks to integrate Bedouins into workforce

According to data published by the Central Bureau of Statistics, the employment rate among Bedouin women residing in the Negev is only 25%.

Labor votes by landslide to join government

Lapid: Yesh Atid will never again make a bond it won't lead

Labor Party leader Peretz secretly signs coalition agreement

The agreement calls for Peretz to become economy minister and Labor MK Itzik Shmuli to become welfare minister.

Panel in Labor approves joining government

Labor set to battle over coalition

Three Moroccan Jews, some related to MK Amir Peretz, die of coronavirus

Simone Peretz was in critical condition prior to her death and did not know that her son also was ill when she passed away, Amir Peretz wrote.

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