Artificial intelligence

Depressed person broods in tunnel
Can AI replace humans in psychology?

AI can not replace the human touch when dealing with mental health issues, but it can lend a helping hand in this time of need.

Tokyo's Hello Kitty Land employs use of Israeli technology to remain open

Leveraging artificial intelligence, signal processing and machine vision capabilities, the developed technology that can transform cameras into a vital signs monitoring tool.

AI that knows hate: Facebook removes offensive posts before users report

The Reinforced Integrity Optimizer (RIO), unveiled on Thursday, is meant to amplify the decision-making powers of human reviewers of hate-speech posts to make the process faster.

Coronavirus & Israeli Tech
IBM Israel hosts virtual summit focused on COVID-19 cryptography, AI

The entire future of supply chains and retail can be transformed thanks to innovation at Blockchain technology, Gabi Zodik told the 'Post'.

Artificial intelligence
Physics can solve key challenges facing AI, study finds

These findings represent a bridge in physics, AI and neuroscience, and has the potential to advance on-the-spot decision making in AI.

Israeli researchers create AI capable of writing personalized jazz solos

To build their initial data set, the researchers used hundreds of original jazz solos performed by saxophone giants including Charlie Parker, Stan Getz, Sonny Stitt, and Dexter Gordon.

Mayo Clinic partners with Vocalis Health to develop proprietary software

The partnership is intended to explore and developed voice-based tools for screening, detecting and monitoring patient health.

Israeli AI company announces partnership with major shipping companies

This integration of Windward's AI by large companies will establish new industry standards, said Windward.

Hillel's Tech Corner: Emedgene: Where AI Meets DNA

When it comes to genetic tests, a single letter abnormality in the sequence of an individual’s DNA can have a tremendous impact on that person’s health.

Israel's OrCam partners with Starkey for hearing, visual enhancements

The new solution uses a wireless connection to combine Starkey's Livio Edge AI hearing aids with OrCam's MyEye device, providing simultaneous audio and visual enhancements.

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