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Iran uses criminal inmates to torment political prisoners - Report

"Whenever the intelligence agents want to pressure political prisoners, they use criminal inmates for the purpose, leaving no tracks of their involvement," dissident Alireza Golipour told Radio Farda

British warship arrives at Hamad port ahead of Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Co

What was Iran thinking trying to seize British tanker?

Why would the IRGC, which is already designated a terrorist organization, launch a brazen attack when a British warship was nearby.

A man tries to cross a flooded road damaged by Cyclone Gonu near Jusk seaport, 2,000 km

Massive floods in northern Iran force military response

The floods illustrate the failure of Iran’s civilian authorities to handle natural disasters and the competition between military, local government and the IRGC.

A military vehicle carrying Iranian Zoobin smart bomb (L) and Sagheb missile under pictures of Iran'

40 years of hate

The Iranian regime is using the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution to boast about its accomplishments in seeking to dominate the Middle East and threaten Israel and the United States.

CIA report reveals budding Tehran-PLO relationship in 1979

The 1980 report suggests there was a budding relationship between Tehran and Yasser Arafat's ruling Fatah party in the Islamic Republic's early days.

People protest in Tehran, Iran December 30, 2017 in this still image from a video obtained by REUTER

Intelligence Ministry D-G: Iran protests show Islamic Revolution rejection

Chagai Tzuriel said the protests show “that at least part of the public in Iran is willing to take to the streets despite the fear from the from the regime’s oppressive apparatuses.”

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

The Iranian republic's history of dissent

History teaches repeatedly that these ideas can be suppressed, sometimes for long periods, but they cannot be eliminated.

Iran displays missile, calls Trump 'crazy' in marking 1979 US embassy takeover

Turnout for the annual Iranian street rallies commemorating the embassy takeover appeared higher than in recent years.

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