Israeli Palestinian Conflict

The struggle for equality in Jerusalem is an ongoing fight – opinion

Jerusalem is bi-national, physically undivided, and the most segregated city in the world. Jerusalem is an apartheid city.

Palestinian security forces guard outside al-Istishari hospital in Ramallah
Palestinians restore ties with Israel

PA Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said that the Palestinians have received a written document in which Israel pledges to abide by all the agreements with the Palestinians.

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh  in Ramallah. August 25, 2020
PLO: Pompeo can't resurrect Trump administration with settler winery visit

If Pompeo goes ahead with his plans, he would be the first US secretary of state and the highest US ranking official to visit a West Bank settlement or the Golan Heights.

PA Olympic C'mtee chair slams 'sports normalization' with Israel

The PA Olympic Committee chairman called for a an Arab sports boycott of Israel.

What to expect from Joe Biden’s Middle East policy

The Jerusalem Post asked Washington experts how they think the Middle East fits into Biden’s priorities.

Israel rejects Belgian demand to compensate for razing Palestinian homes

Belgium is one of the Western countries that has been most critical of Israel in recent years, even inviting a representative of an NGO with ties to the terror group PFLP to the UN security council.

After Erekat's death, it's time for new PA leadership to advance peace

The Arab states in the Gulf understand that the Palestinians are not serious about peace, and these states are no longer willing to let them stop normalization with Israel.

How should Joe Biden deal with Middle East issues? – opinion

I have not yet been approached by Biden’s transition team, but will offer my first thoughts here anyway.

A Biden presidency resurrects ’67 lines, Palestinian state - analysis

The divide between Israel and the US on settlements dates back to the immediate aftermath of the Six Day War and has not shifted.

Abbas to ask Biden to move US embassy to Tel Aviv – report

Going back on many of Trump's pro-Israel policies is reportedly part of the price for the PA resuming US-mediated talks with Israel.

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