Israeli Palestinian Conflict

The Israeli Palestinian conflict goes back to the early days of the State of Israel and is primarily centered over both territorial disputes regarding the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem, as well as in a perceived existential threat.

Israel claims the Palestinians, ruled by the Palestinian Authority based in the West Bank and Hamas based in Gaza, have no desire to achieve peace and want to completely eradicate the Jewish presence from the land. 

The Palestinians claim Israel acts as a brutal occupation of the Palestinians, subjecting them to an apartheid rule. 

There have been many attempts to bridge the gap between the two sides before, most famously the two Oslo Accords, but they have yet to achieve success.

Fighting between the two sides tends to manifest in the form of popular Palestinian uprisings known as intifadas, the launching of rockets and machine gun fire, retaliatory airstrikes and artillery fire and even armed operations.

The conflict and possible resolutions to it remain highly divisive issues both within Israel and among the international community.

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Netanyahu will make Israel an authoritarian democracy - Sa'ar - exclusive

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: Sa'ar said Netanyahu wants to make election of Israeli judges require Knesset approval, making it part of coalition negotiations.

MEPPA: How a US law disrupts the violent Israeli-Palestinian status quo - opinion

A growing ecosystem of peace-building NGOs is strengthening the relationships and attitudes that the next generation of Israelis and Palestinians will need if they’re ever to exit this tragedy.

Opposition leader Yair Lapid at The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference.

Why is everyone opposing Lapid's two-state solution speech? - editorial

A two-state solution, which continues to be the preferred resolution to our struggles here, is very far off and impossible to implement today. Lapid is simply stating the obvious.

  Palestinian Authority and Israeli flags (illustrative)

Palestinians: Without practical measures, two-state solution won’t work

The Lapid government’s actions show that it is working to sabotage the two-state solution, a senior PA official told the Post.

The slaughter of Shulamit Ovadia and the myth of ‘lone wolf’ terrorism - opinion

Israeli security officials, politicians need to realize: There is no such thing as a “lone wolf” terrorist. It’s not TikTok and Twitter that breed and cultivate such monsters; it’s the PA.


Palestinian terror must stop ahead of holiday, Lapid tells Abdullah

“Israel will not stand idly by and will fight terrorism directed against it in all its forms, and will not allow harm to the security of its citizens,” Lapid said.

Elderly Israeli woman killed in Holon terrorist attack; killer found dead

Security camera footage obtained by Israel Police of the alleged Holon terror attack shows a man attacking the woman with an object in his hand.


Is Ireland going to recognize a Palestinian state?

Ahead of Abbas’s visit last week, Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney responded to a parliamentary question about recognizing a Palestinian state.

Israel foils Hamas plot to launch series of bomb attacks against Jews

Seven West Bank suspects recruited by Hamas to carry out attacks on Israelis were captured by the Shin Bet and the IDF.

PA not interested in military showdown with IDF - ex-PA intel commander

The PA is unlikely to halt security coordination with Israel in light of the latest tensions and violence, especially in the north West Bank.

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