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Great expectations: The Kurds of Iraq and President Biden - opinion

What can the Kurds of Iraq expect from the Biden administration?

Iraqi Kurds wave flags of Iraqi Kurdistan during a demonstration

From Afrin to Kirkuk, Kurds suffered grievously under Trump - analysis

In January 2020 Trump ordered the killing of Muhandis and Soleimani, more than two years after the US had not heeded the warning of Erbil about their advance on Kirkuk.

'Israel, the West must stand with persecuted people' - Bernard Henri Lévy

The French philosopher looks at the Kurds’ plight, emerging Jerusalem-Ankara ties, America’s global role and Israel’s momentous new relations with Morocco and the Gulf

How US-Iran tensions have destabilized the most stable region of Iraq

Iraqi Kurdistan has had good relations with the US and the West since its inception.

KURDISH FEMALE fighters of the Women’s Protection Unit (YPJ) take part in a military parade as they

Turkey-backed fighters clash with Kurdish forces in north Syria town

A rebel source with the Turkey-backed National Army said the faction seized some farmland after mounting an attack at the edge of the town.

Murat Karayilan, PKK military commander

Kurdish PKK leader tells ‘Post’ of ‘peaceful struggle’ against Turkey

As the commander of an ongoing insurgency, he rarely speaks with journalists.


Najmaldin Karim remembered as hero of Kurdish cause

These were difficult times for the Kurds. After years of success against ISIS they were now threatened by Baghdad, Iran and Turkey in the wake of an independence referendum.

Demonstrators gather during a protest over corruption, lack of jobs, and poor services, in Baghdad

Iraqis mark one year since protests, hundreds of deaths

The US has handed over eight facilities to Iraq as the pro-Iran militias demand the US leave. Last night pro-Iranian groups in Mosul fired rockets at the Kurdistan region.

DEMONSTRATORS GATHER outside the Kurdistan Parliament building in Erbil, Iraq, in October 2017

Rockets fired by pro-Iranian group target Kurdistan region Iraq

The US has warned Iraq it will close its embassy in Baghdad and hinted at striking the Iranian-backed groups if the attacks do not stop.

An Iranian Shahed 171 drone dropping a bomb as part of a military exercise in the Gulf, in Iran

Iran shows off air defense in Kurdistan, Azerbaijan border region

While Tehran has generally conducted operations against Kurdish dissidents in this area, the highlighting of air defense is interesting for shedding light on regional commanders.

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