Netanyahu: We expect next US president to back direct peace talks

The premier expresses his hopes for Obama's successor days ahead of US election.

November 6, 2016 11:56
Peace Benjamin Netanyahu

DOES PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu believe in peace? Maybe not.. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed hope Sunday that both US President Barack Obama, and whoever succeeds him, will not impose a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the outside.

Netanyahu opened his weekly cabinet meeting with remarks about Tuesday's US election, saying that "I am convinced that the United States will continue acting on the principle it set that the only solution to the conflict is direct negotiations without preconditions."

The remarks came amid reports that Obama could support a against Israeli settlements. Netanyahu stated that "the UN or any international body obviously should not establish facts on the ground."

The premier said that "whoever is elected, I am convinced he or she will continue building our two nations' strong alliance that will only get stronger."Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outlines '5 Steps for Peace'.

"I would like to say that our alliance with the US is our first and most fundamental of all our international relations," Netanyahu said.

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