Asaf Avidan comes back to his true love to perform

After sharing the stage with Robert Plant and Bob Dylan, Jerusalem-born musician comes home for a performance at the Tower of David.

Singer Asaf Avidan 311 (photo credit: iTravelJerusalem)
Singer Asaf Avidan 311
(photo credit: iTravelJerusalem)
Popular Israeli folk-rock musician, Asaf Avidan gave an incredible show to a crowd of 500 last Friday afternoon in the courtyard of the Tower of David in Jerusalem. The show included Karni Postel on cello, Avishai Cohen on trumpet, Asaf Roth on percussion and a special appearance by Shlomi Shaban. The show was sold out a week in advance.
Following his European tour, where Avidan performed with Robert Plant and Bob Dylan and at various concerts and major music festivals, Avidan performed for Jerusalemites with new songs from his soon-to-be released album and new arrangements of previously performed materials. “The Jerusalem crowd is easier than most places I perform in; you don’t need to work hard for that dialog to exist,” says Avidan. “I’m happy that my first step in this new phase as an artist happened in Jerusalem.”
The doors of the Tower of David opened two-hours before the performance, giving concert-goers the opportunity to soak up the special atmosphere at the end of summer in the Old City on a Friday afternoon.
The crowd, made up of young, old and families, relaxed on sofas in the picturesque courtyard, enjoying snacks, wine and boutique beer from the Golan brewery. “It’s an amazing venue,” says Avidan. “It’s my second time there. You feel the vibe and it’s just a part of the show.”
One of the highlights was seeing Avidan and Shlomi Shaban perform together on the same stage.
Avidan enjoys a long-term relationship with Jerusalem. Born in the city, his family relocated to Jamaica and then returned to Jerusalem. Avidan’s first shows ever were in Jerusalem. “I wouldn’t describe my music as Jerusalem-like; I don’t know what that is! But my essence is that of a Jerusalemite. I lived in Jerusalem up until about four years ago when I moved to Tel Aviv,” says Avidan. “It was a big deal to move away and felt just like relationship break-up.”
After two performances this week in Tel Aviv, Avidan is looking forward to an upcoming French and German tour. He is scheduled to return to Israel later this year. Plans to perform in Jerusalem again? “Definitely. The city is alive and kicking." is a new online international travel portal offering all the latest information on things to do , places to eat  and places to stay in Jerusalem.