Hamas money transferring apparatus revealed in east Jerusalem

Hamas gave money and support to families of terrorists who carried out deadly attacks in Israel.

Hamas members (photo credit: REUTERS)
Hamas members
(photo credit: REUTERS)
A Hamas funding apparatus which transferred money to families of Hamas terrorists in Jerusalem has been exposed following a joint operation with the Israel Police, the Shin Bet cleared for release on Tuesday.
According to the Shin Bet, Hamas activists residing in the Gaza Strip provided financial backing and support for families of terrorists including Hassan Mahani from the Beit Hanina neighborhood, the father of one of the teenage perpetrators of  October 2015 stabbing attack in the Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood.
Two Israelis were seriously wounded in that attack, which was carried out by Ahmed Manasra and his cousin Hassan Manasra. Hassan was shot dead by security forces, while Ahmed was hit by a car as he fled the scene.
Funds were also transferred to the mother of Tareq Abu Arfa from Ras el-Amud who was involved in the 1994 kidnapping and murder of Golani Brigade Sgt. Nachshon Wachsman.
In light of intelligence provided by the Shin Bet, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman approved the seizure of funds transferred from Hamas to Jerusalem residents, equivalent to over NIS 130,000.
A large-scale search was later carried out in eight houses belonging to money allocators in the capital neighborhoods of Beit Hanina, Isawiya, Ras el-Amud and Wadi Joz, where authorities seized a private car and cash valued at NIS 100,000.
“The Shin Bet and Israel Police will continue to act with determination in order to prevent terrorist activities by Hamas and other organizations including activities related to the transfer of terrorism funds to activists and their families,” the Shin Bet stated.
Israel Police stressed that this operation comes as a direct continuation of one carried out in February, in which terrorists’ home were raided and some NIS 200,000 were confiscated along with two vehicles, a truck and jewelry.
It said law enforcement authorities will not allow financial or any other aid from terrorist organizations to families of those who carried out deadly attacks.
“This operation is yet another step in a wide range of actions that are being carried out by Israel Police to prevent terrorist activities and arrest those who encourage it.
“The involvement of Jerusalem residents in these kind of activities that are funded be Hamas is a serious felony and an attempt by Hamas to show its presence in the city. The police will reach all of those who received ‘terrorism money’ or expressed support for terrorism,” it added.