Watch: Israel security forces shut down three weapons factories, arrest six

43 weapons factories have been shut down and over 450 illegal weapons seized in 2016.

Israel security forces shut down three weapons factories (IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
IDF soldiers alongside members of the Shin Bet uncovered three weapons factories and arrested six Palestinians in a large scale operation in the West Bank.
During the operation, five lathes that are used for the production of the weapons as well as weapons parts, were seized.
One store housing the factory was closed and sealed by troops.
According to the statement by the IDF, 43 weapons factories have been shut down and over 450 illegal weapons seized in 2016. Another 12 weapons factories and over 110 illegal weapons were discovered and confiscated by security forces since January 2017 alone.
Israeli security forces, including the Shin Bet intelligence agency, Israeli Defense Forces and police, have increased their efforts to uncover unofficial workshops producing illegal weapons, carrying out near-nightly raids in the West Bank, shutting down weapons factories and confiscating arms, greatly reducing the number of illegal weapons that could end up in the hands of potential attackers.
Despite the reduction in weapons causing the price to skyrocket-for example the tripling in price of the most popular weapon of choice, the Karl Gustav  from 1,500 NIS in January 2015 to 4,500 in December 2016- shooting attacks continue to remain a significant challenge to security forces in the West Bank with 89 shooting attacks occurring in 2016.
In addition IDF troops as well as Shin Bet and Border Police carried out the arrest of six Palestinians, one in the Northern West Bank town of Aqraba, two other in Usarin south of Nablus, two in Tuqua in the central West Bank and a fifth in Bethlehem.
The Palestinian from Aqraba was arrested for being a Hamas member and the five others were arrested on suspicion of participating in terrorist activities as well as violent disturbances against civilians and security forces.
They were transferred to the security authorities for questioning.