Palestinian woman arrested on Temple Mount for biting female police officer

Temple Mount guard from Muslim Wakf arrested previous day during clash with Border Police.

Riots on the Temple Mount
A middle-aged Muslim woman was arrested Tuesday morning for allegedly biting a policewoman during a riot on the Temple Mount, and a youth was detained for throwing eggs at officers.
Dozens of masked Palestinian youths threw rocks, eggs and bottles at police when visiting hours for non-Muslims commenced on the compound around 8 a.m., said police spokeswoman Luba Samri.
When officers attempted to disperse the mob, the middle- aged woman lunged at the female officer, biting her before being arrested.
Visiting hours resumed without incident as soon as the rioters were dispersed, Samri said.
One day earlier, a Temple Mount guard from the Wakf Islamic trust was arrested during a skirmish with border police after officers prevented a group of suspicious-looking Muslim youths from entering the holy site.
While police believed the youths were planning to riot, numerous Palestinian media reports claimed they were there to attend a summer camp.
When police refused to grant the group entry, the Wakf guard reportedly assaulted one of the officers, and was subdued with pepper spray before being arrested and arraigned at Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court.
Tensions on the Temple Mount have increased considerably following the July 31 firebombing in the West Bank village of Duma, allegedly carried out by Jewish suspects, killing 18-month-old Ali Dawabsha and his father Sa’ad, 31, and critically injuring his mother, Riham, and four-year-old brother, Ahmad.