Watch: Nightly clashes continue at the gates of Jerusalem's Old City

Hundreds of Palestinians are reportedly participating in the protests, and dozens have been reported injured.

Riots near the Temple Mount (Courtesy)
Clashes sparked between security forces and Palestinians at near the Lions' Gate at the Old City of Jerusalem tonight.
The clashes started after the evening prayer. It is still unclear what sparked the violence.
According to Palestinian sources, 34 have been reported injured among the hundreds of rioters.
One of those reported injured is Sheikh Akram a-Sabri, former Mufti of Jerusalem and al-Aksa's preacher.
A police spokesman said that two policemen were lightly injured during the clashes.
He said the rioters threw molotov cocktails and rocks at the police forces situated next to the Lions Gate. He added that the rioters were dispersed from the area.
Earlier today five MKs of the Joint List attended the evening prayer.
MK Ahmad Tibi called on the government to remove the metal detectors.
"Removing the scanners will prevent an escalation of the situation,” said Tibi. “We ask for peace, not for war. We call on Netanyahu to annul the decision, restore the situation and allow [Muslims to practice] freedom of religion without any restriction.”
Also present were MKs Jamal Zahalka, Haneen Zoabi, Osama Saadi and Juma’a Azbaraga.
Palestinians are protesting against the newly installed metal detector at some gates of the Temple Mount compound. As an act of protest, they are praying next to the gates.
The metal detectors were installed on Sunday following Friday’s terrorist attack near and on the Temple Mount in which two border policemen were killed, and after weapons were found in subsequent searches on the Mount.
After the scanners were put in place, the Wakf religious trust and other Islamic authorities called on Muslims to refrain from entering the compound, due to what they deemed “severe violation of the status quo.” They called instead for prayers to be conducted near the compound.