Terror attack victim: 'I screamed help, help, and they just looked at me and snickered'

The attacker continued to chase the victim before being shot dead by the IDF.

Terror attack victim: 'I screamed help, help, and they just looked at me and snickered'
“Help, Help, they stabbed me,” Yehuda Ben-Mouyal screamed on Sunday night after a Palestinian with a knife stabbed him in the shoulder at the Dor Alon gas station on Route 443 in the West Bank.
On Monday, as he lay in his hospital bed at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center recovering from his wounds, he described the attack to the Israeli media.
“I stopped to put gas in my car,” the 26-year old man said. He then paused to fill up one of his back tires with air. As he bent down, the Palestinian man with a knife stabbed him.
He understood immediately that it was a terrorist attack. He ran in an attempt to escape, but the attacker pursued him.
“He chased me and I fell. I got up but fell again,” he remembered.
The workers at the gas station were Arabs and they “just looked at me and snickered. Not one single person there did anything to help,” Ben-Mouyal said.
Ben-Mouyal’s attacker was killed at the scene by IDF forces and Ben-Mouyal was evacuated to the hospital.
Police believe there are other suspects involved, but their status remains unknown.
Tensions remained high in the West Bank on Monday in the aftermath of the July 31 attack in the Palestinian village of Duma, in which two men, believed to be Jewish extremists, fire-bombed two homes there, killing Sa’ad Dawabsha, 31, and his son, Ali, who was 18 months old. Ali’s mother, Reham, and brother, Ahmed, four, are in serious condition at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer.
Meanwhile, Judea and Samaria police said that a female Palestinian, 17, was detained Monday after admitting that she intended to use a knife – found in her hand bag during a search at a checkpoint – to stab a guard at the Eshel Prison in Beersheba, where her brother is serving a jail sentence for security-related offenses.
Security forces found the knife when she tried to pass through a checkpoint south of Hebron. She initially claimed that she forgot that the knife was in her possession and that its use was for cutting vegetables.
Earlier in the day, a couple from the Avigayil settlement in the South Hebron Hills was stoned by Palestinians as they jogged on the outskirts of the Palestinian village of Tuani.
They told the Arutz Sheva news outlet that they had gone for a run but did not feel well and took a short cut by the Palestinian village. They were surrounded by some 20 people, including Palestinians and foreign activists, who threw stones at them and threatened to kill them, even though they explained that they were simply jogging and meant no harm. They were able to escape without serious injury.
Palestinians, however, reported that the couple looked suspicious.
According to the police, the residents of Tuani became nervous after seeing two Israelis enter their village with a dog in a suspicious manner. They yelled at them to go away and threw stones to scare them.
The village of Tuani is known for its peaceful relations with the surrounding Jewish communities and is often frequented by Jews without any problems, police said.
IDF forces and the police arrived on the scene to diffuse the situation.