Terrorist hailed as 'hero' by PA after serving 34 years for murder

Terrorist Muhammad Daoud is being praised by the PA for murdering an innocent Israeli woman 34 years ago.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and national chairman for the Organization of Victims of Terrorism Abie Moses (photo credit: Mark Neiman/GPO)
Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and national chairman for the Organization of Victims of Terrorism Abie Moses
(photo credit: Mark Neiman/GPO)
In 1987, Ofra Moses, a pregnant Israeli mother of four, and her five-year-old son Tal were murdered by a Palestinian terrorist. The perpetrator has since been praised as “heroic” by the Palestinian Authority.
The terrorist, Muhammad Daoud, was described by the PA in a televised report as the victim of a “kidnapping” by Israel, when in reality, Daoud was jailed for the murders of Ofra and Tal, who were killed when he threw a Molotov cocktail at their car. Daoud has since served 34 years for the crime. A translated segment by the Palestinian Media Watch reveals that the report says Daoud "has begun his 34th year in the occupation’s [Israel’s] prisons…” Another journalist reported: “On Dec. 8, 1987, with the outbreak of the First Intifada when young Muhammad Daoud was beginning his path in life, the occupation forces kidnapped him to be a prisoner in their prisons.”
The PA recognizes his crime through payment of a monthly salary paid only to terrorist prisoners, despite previously painting Daoud as an innocent victim of the Israeli justice system.
Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported this just hours after another Israeli mother, Esther Hurgen, who leaves behind a husband and six children, was killed in an alleged terror attack in the Reiham Forest in Samaria.
“We draw our faith in the certain victory from the resolve of this prisoner [Muhammad Daoud], and from the resolve of all the heroic prisoners,” said Lafi Nassoura, director of the PA-funded Prisoners’ Club in Kalkilya. This is a phrase often used to recognize the terrorist actions of prisoners without openly recognizing the prisoners' crimes.
The PA’s payments to prisoners range from NIS 1.5 million for individuals who are single without children, to NIS 1.6 million for those who are married with children. Previous reports have indicated that Daoud has two children, and collects an additional NIS 12,000 per month.
“The PA is the only government in the world that promotes terror, glorifies and rewards murderers of women and children, and yet receives funding from Western democracies,” said PMW Director Itamar Marcus. “Unless the EU, Britain, Norway and the other supporters of the PA condition their funding on the PA’s total distancing from terror, these countries themselves are fundamentally terror-supporting entities.”
Ofra's husband and Tal's father, Abe Moses, told PMW: "The treatment of the lowly murderer who burned my family and murdered Ofra and Tal as a ‘hero’ is shocking and unacceptable. I jumped into the burning car to save my family, but I was unable to get Ofra out, and she was burned to death right before my eyes and the eyes of our children."
"After 90 days little Tal also died of his wounds,” Moses said. “The fact that the murderer continues to live in good conditions in prison, including the ability to receive visits and study for a degree, critically harms the State of Israel’s deterrence. The PA’s payments to the terrorists must stop! It cannot be that the PA is praising the murderer and paying him more than 12,000 Israeli shekels a month just because he murdered Jews, just because he murdered my wife and my son.”