terrorist attacks on israel

Pope calls for Israel, Palestinians to halt 'spiral of death'

Pope Francis said he had been greatly saddened by the news of both Palestinians and Israelis that have been killed over the past week.


Israel's enemy is outside of us, not within - comment

Now is not the time for the Jews to blame one another. The enemy is not within, but rather those on the other side so consumed by hate.


Israeli army reinforces in West Bank after synagogue shooting

The terror attacks came after an IDF raid in Jenin in which nine Palestinians were killed.


We have to look at Hamas differently than we did in 1988 - opinion

How a private meeting between officials could have changed the entire outcome of an Israeli's relationship with Hamas.

Ben-Gvir, police prepare for release of terrorist Maher Younis after 40 years

The police plans to prevent a repetition of the celebrations after the recent release of his cousin Karim Younis from prison.

Jewish leaders must prepare employees for physical attacks

For workers, the sense of physical security in the workplace comes from trust in leadership.


Iranian hackers released footage of Jerusalem attack from security cameras - report

One of the published videos was accompanied by a caption in Hebrew, saying: "For a long time we have control over all your activities, step by step and moment by moment."

The Israel we know is not the Israel Thomas Friedman knows - opinion

Thomas Friedman’s much-forwarded New York Times lament for Israel’s soul – “The Israel We Knew is Gone” – has demoralized the Jewish world.


Palestinian factions applaud 'heroic' attack, vow to pursue ‘resistance’

In some parts of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Palestinians were documented celebrating the attack by handing out sweets to passersby and drivers.

Stabbing in Jerusalem, ramming in West Bank mar weekend in Israel

A young Israeli man was severely wounded after being stabbed in the back, the suspect was shot by police and was still holding the knife used in the attack.

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