Trending on Facebook: Support the IDF

Facebookers are declaring their love and support for the IDF in light of the UN Human Rights Council commission of inquiry's report on Operation Protective Edge.

IDF soldiers take part in Operation Protective Edge. (photo credit: ANNA GOLIKOV)
IDF soldiers take part in Operation Protective Edge.
(photo credit: ANNA GOLIKOV)
Cries of Um Shmum (an Israeli turn-of-phrase coined by former Prime Minister David Ben Gurion intended to disparage the importance of the UN) took over news feeds at noon on Tuesday as Israeli citizens took to Facebook en masse to show their support  and appreciation for the IDF.
Facebook users uploaded photos of themselves or of family members in uniform along with the hashtag #SupporttheIDF to declare their love and gratitude for the IDF in light of the harsh UN Human Rights Council commission of inquiry report on the 2014 Gaza conflict.
"When yet another report from the UN is published, we are stopping for a moment simply to say thank you to the soldiers of the IDF. We believe in you!," declared numerous posters. "I am proud to have served time as a soldier in the IDF, the most moral army in the world. Thank you to all those who are still serving today for ensuring my protection," wrote another user.

כשעוד דו"ח של האו"ם מתפרסם ... אנחנו עוצרים לרגע בשגרה , כדי פשוט לומר תודה לחיילי וחיילות צה"ל!! עם ישראל מאמין בכם

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Amir Ohana, the chairman of the Ga'ava BaLikud, the LGBT Likud caucus wrote, "When our soldiers are being attacked both at home and abroad, it is time for us to stand up for the flag and stand by their side." He praised the outcry of support for the IDF and encouraged the show of solidarity.

כאשר מבית ומחוץ תוקפים את חיילי צה"ל,זה הזמן להתייצב לדגל ולעמוד לצידם.שמח על שתי יוזמות שבאו מתוך תנועת הליכוד היום:...

Posted by Amir Ohana on Tuesday, 23 June 2015
The UN Human Rights Council commission of inquiry's report, published on Monday afternoon, accused both Israel and the Palestinians of committing war crimes and of violating international law during Operation Protective Edge. The report called for individual IDF soldiers, as well as top decision makers in Israel’s military and political echelons, to be held accountable.
Facebookers called for people to speak with soldiers and check the facts for themselves rather than believe the "baseless" accusations of war crimes. "Our soldiers put their lives on the line for us. They protect and serve. May god watch over them."
Israeli officials also slammed the report expressing outrage that it concluded that attempts to defend Israel’s citizens from rocket attacks could constitute a war crime.

בשעה זו שרודפים אחרי חיילי צה"ל, בסדיר ובמילואים, בטענות חסרות בסיס על פשעי מלחמה, רציתי לתרום לרודפים ולהקל עליהם למצוא...

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Tovah Lazaroff contributed to this report.