UAE-Israel-Bahrain launch joint trade forum

After the historic Abraham Accords paved the way for a dramatic redefining of trade opportunities in the Middle East, what will Israel with these newfound opportunities?

The Gulf-Israel Women's Forum brings children draped in the flags of Bahrain, Israel and the UAE to Jerusalem's Old City.  (photo credit: ISRAEL HADARI)
The Gulf-Israel Women's Forum brings children draped in the flags of Bahrain, Israel and the UAE to Jerusalem's Old City.
(photo credit: ISRAEL HADARI)
As Israel's recent wave of normalization deals in the Middle East continues to bear fruit, some of the world’s leading business leaders, solution providers, investors, innovators and industry giants appeared at a virtual launch event for the UAE-Israel-Bahrain Trade Forum on Tuesday.
The event participants explored investment opportunities and shared technical know-how through streamed sessions, interactive panel discussions and live networking opportunities. 
Following the opening event, the Forum will begin hosting monthly webinars and panel discussions, all leading up to the live conference and exhibition, which is scheduled to take place in Abu Dhabi on May 24-25, 2021.
The opening address was delivered by H.E. Dr. Tariq Bin Hendi, Director-General of Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) and Adiv Baruch, Chairman of the Israel Export Institute.
Baruch said he was "excited" to be a part of the forum, saying that “there is a real economic potential for this collaboration, and we at the Israel Export Institute, together with the Foreign Trade Administration at the Economy Ministry and with the Foreign Affairs Ministry, will continue to promote and assist the Israeli companies in reaching future business partners and thereby assist the development of strong Israeli tech industry”.
Dr. Bin Hendi said that “As a leading center for R&D in the region, home to a thriving tech industry and the Middle East’s first Advanced Technology Research Council, Abu Dhabi is well positioned to partner with Israeli organizations at the forefront of innovation. The UAE-Israel-Bahrain Trade Forum provides a platform for direct engagement between interested parties seeking business opportunities arising from the accord.”
Co-Founder and Project Director, Nisan Bartov explained that beyond connecting the nations and improving diplomatic relations, the forum has always intended to create a space where participants can “deliver tangible real-life business opportunities."
"To harness these opportunities," he said, "business leaders must embark on a journey of discovery, and connection that reflects the business cultures and dynamics of these unique market places”.
Other leading experts who attended the event included, Mubarak Hamad Al Shamisi, Director of the Abu Dhabi Convention & Exhibition Bureau, Dr. Simon Galpin, Senior Advisor on Investment Promotions for Bahrain's Economic Development Board, David Solomon, Executive Chairman of Solomon Capital Group, Tamir Dayan, CEO of EXPO Tel Aviv, Gilad Carni, Founder & CEO of the UAE-Israel Innovation Office, Tala Al Ansari, Director of the Innovation Ecosystem at the EXPO2020 Dubai and more.
Participating organizations included, the UAE Federation of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Abu Dhabi Investment Office, the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, Israel's Export and International Cooperation Institute, the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, the Manufacturers Association of Israel, the Presidium of Israeli Business Organizations, the Abu Dhabi Convention Bureau, the World Free Zone Organization and the CISO Council.