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Iran, Kurdish regions prepare for Nowruz festival

As it occurs around the same time as Passover the seven symbolic items of the Haftseen table, which include an apple, garlic, wheat and other things, can draw comparisons to the Passover plate.

Understanding the increase in attacks on ships in the Middle East

Naval tensions have increased dramatically since a series of incidents in 2019.

'Ahasuerus and Haman at the Feast of Esther' by Rembrandt, 1660, at Moscow's Pushkin Museum

Queen Esther helped me become the hero of my own Persian Jewish story

When met with a crisis — when the king’s evil adviser, Haman, decreed that all the Jews were to be killed — Esther looked deep within herself and realized she had strength.

THAMAR EILAM GINDIN: This is why the Rabbis decided to include the Book of Esther in the Thora

Behind the Book of Esther’s mask - A Purim story

Persian scholar explains how Purim was shaped by Near Eastern myths

The Gulf-Israel Women's Forum brings children draped in the flags of Bahrain, Israel and the UAE to

UAE-Israel-Bahrain launch joint trade forum

After the historic Abraham Accords paved the way for a dramatic redefining of trade opportunities in the Middle East, what will Israel with these newfound opportunities?

Israeli model May Tager, holding an Israeli flag, poses with Dubai-resident model Anastasia, holding

Three decades to get here: Israel’s leading expert looks back at Gulf ties

“The Gulf is a special place. In many ways – economy and history and culture – it is more related to the Indian subcontinent and Asia."

Arab youth survey 2020 shows satisfaction gap between GCC, rest of region

Higher quality of life makes those in Gulf states less likely to emigrate

A general view of Abadan oil refinery in southwest Iran, is pictured from Iraqi side of Shatt al-Ara

Iran clears oil spill in northern Gulf region, IRNA agency reports

An Iranian official had told IRNA on Thursday that it was difficult to determine the cause of the spill because there were several fields belonging to Iran and other countries in the region.


Was there another ‘mysterious’ explosion on Iran’s Qeshm Island?

What was the source of the sound of an explosion on Qeshm Saturday night?

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