10-year anniversary of Oud Festival

10-year anniversary of O

Under the artistic direction of Effie Benaya, this year's Jerusalem International Oud Festival will for the first time present a unique aspect of Syrian musical tradition, alongside Greek, Turkish and other musical styles. From November 12-26, some of the foremost musicians from Israel and around the world will gather to pay tribute to both Jewish and Arab musical traditions as the festival celebrates its 10th anniversary. Some of the highlights include Ad Adei Ad, a new work by Peretz Eliyahu, which is based on the texts of Sefer Hayetzira, a mystical book about the creation of the world and one of the foundations of Kabbalistic thought. Iraq 'n' Roll, performed by Yair Dalal and Dudu Tasa, which incorporates original compositions and Babylonian piyutim, will take audiences on a musical journey to a shared heritage.