Dan Diker

Dan Diker

The author is project director for the Program to Counter Political Warfare and BDS at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. He is also a research fellow at the International Institute for Counter Terrorism. He can be reached at dker@jcpa.org and twitter @dandiker84.
PALESTINIAN DEMONSTRATORS burn a crossed-out poster depicting US President Donald Trump that reads:

Lessons learned in Bahrain

The BDS movement seeks to destroy Israel’s image in the eyes of the world.’

Why are Israeli and other Jewish academics legitimizing antisemitism?

IDF and Magen David Adom at the sceneof the terror shooting in the Barkan industrial Zone

The world from here: Will PA-supported terrorism kill economic peace?

David Ben-Gurion

The Nation-State Law and revival of UN ‘Zionism-is-racism’ libel

A pro-Palestinian rally in New York City

Students for Justice in Palestine, unmasked

Jerusalem terror attack

Understanding Israel’s assessment of ISIS-inspired terrorism

A GROUP of protesters demonstrate against Prime Minister Netanyahu’s trip to Congress in 2015.

Keep BDS and bigotry away from Capitol Hill

bds boycott

To beat boycotts, embrace the millennials

Rabin Square

Where hawks and doves fly together

south africa bds

The world from here: BDS: A weapon of Islamic warfare

Shiloh Wineries

The World from Here: Impartial EU labeling would inspire Israeli trust

Place de la Republique

The World from Here: How jihadists link Paris and Jerusalem

European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini

Comment: Europe’s settlement product labeling hurts Palestinians, not Israelis

temple mount jerusalem

The world from here: Securing Jerusalem’s status quo

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif (L) and Pakistani Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz

‘Why Iran is winning’

kerry zarif

Five minutes to midnight


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