Adding great to greatness

Legendary chef Meir Adony arrives for a special evening of gastronomical divination at restaurant and bar Frida Kahlo.

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frida kahlo bar 88
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Many good words have been offered in these pages regarding the restaurant and bar Frida Kahlo. From the great staff to the unique and award-winning cocktails (Libi, the chief bartender, recently took second place for the second time in the Campari cocktail contest) and to the spectacular food of course, the heaps of praise are well deserved. Now, legendary chef Meir Adony of Catit, arrives for a special evening of gastronomical divination, alongside Kahlo's chef Yoav Bliman, who started his culinary career at Catit. A great guest appearance always boosts an already great product. For example, take Zach Braff's guest appearance on Arrested Development. One of the funniest TV shows ever was only enhanced by the appearance of one of my favorite actors. Now, switch TV show with restaurant and actor with chef and basically it's the same premise, though more tasty than funny. Special dishes planned for this night of palatable pleasures are all first courses (NIS 56), keeping in line with the restaurant's credo. On the menu are chestnut gnocchi with Jerusalem artichoke and veal tonsils in a whipped Porcini cream; Jack fish carpaccio with mussel salad, 'rare' artichoke in marinade, fresh broad beans, tomato seeds, basil and olive oil; and, confit of goose leg with a ragout of whole wheat and wild mushrooms. Desserts (NIS 38) include a single dish of organic strawberries compote with nutmeg jelly, almond vanilla crumble, a chardonnay and lemongrass sorbet and olive oil. Adony is the first in a series of guest chefs to be hosted by Bliman at Frida Kahlo. I'm hoping that Thomas Keller is next. The feast begins at 7:30 p.m. on Jan. 26. Reservations are strongly recommended, 46 Lilienblum St., Tel Aviv, (03) 566-0481