A chance encounter

Countless fantastical explorations are undertaken by the dancers of Dimona by choreographer Aviv Ivgi.

dimona the real joy 248.88 (photo credit: )
dimona the real joy 248.88
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They began by imagining themselves standing alone in the middle of a huge cathedral with walls made of thin ice, engulfed by shining white light. Then, they imagined this place within themselves, each of their hearts containing such fragility and beauty. This fantasy is just one of the countless explorations undertaken by the dancers of Dimona by choreographer Aviv Ivgi, which premiered last month at Tel Aviv's Tmuna Theater. This week Ivgi presents the piece once again, alongside Ilanit Tadmor's new work, The Real Joy. Ivgi used many other images to provoke his dancers during the creation of Dimona. He wanted to explore the physical body and how it functions when on the brink of decisiveness and hesitation - how it moves through space and how one can conquer the private territory of another. After delving into these notions, he and his dancers refined their findings into a thirty-minute piece. Ivgi notes that the end product is only a small section of the experiences on their journey to Dimona, and that this selection ultimately exposes him, as the choreographer, to his audience. The title Dimona, refers to a mythological coming together of women that occurs once in one hundred and twenty years. Such a meeting takes place on Tmuna's stage this Thursday night. Indeed, this entirely original piece is a meeting of women, as the cast of Ivgi's invention. Five women contribute to this rare interaction, an event meant to capture the magical essence of a deep forest or a butterfly unfurling its wings. Dimona and The Real Joy take the stage on Thursday at 8 p.m. Tickets are NIS 65, (03) 562-9462