Ponch it up

Capes and ponchos make a nice alternative to a jacket on cool autumn days.

Ponch it up (photo credit: Courtesy)
Ponch it up
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The word “poncho” can conjure up visions of the Old West or of a garbage bag with a circle cut through the top – a common solution for rainy-day recess or unexpected showers during a marathon. But for fall, ponchos of a more posh variety glided down designer runways looking sleek, elegant and ladylike.
The poncho and its cousin the cape coat are trickling into stores now. They offer a stylish alternative to the typical fall coat, providing just the right amount of warmth when the weather cools.
The terms “cape” and “poncho” may seem interchangeable, but they are two different kinds of outerwear.
According to the Fairchild Dictionary of Fashion, a cape is sleeveless, cut as a circle or half circle with slits for the arms. A poncho is shaped like a square or small oblong with a hole in the center for the wearer’s head to go through.
Both have a dramatic, swooping silhouette that makes the wearer look something like a chic superhero. And both could be thrown over something as simple as pajamas and still look great.
For something more sophisticated, you could go with the 1970sinspired camel-colored cape as seen on the Lanvin runway or something straight-up preppy, such as a plaid duffel cape with toggle buttons from Fidelity Sportswear.
A solid piece will be more versatile. Punch it up by layering a longsleeved striped or printed shirt underneath. A patterned cape or poncho, on the other hand, is a statement piece, and everything else with which it is worn should be solid or subdued.
For a petite frame, watch the bulk and the length. If the garment is too long, you’ll look like a little igloo with feet.
The great thing about a poncho or cape is that it can be dressed up or down, and it’s a nice departure from the usual outerwear.