Cameri Theater awards prizes

Cameri Theater awards pr

The Cameri Theater rewarded its own last Friday with top acting prizes going to Rivka Michaeli (Warm Family), Ola Schur-Selektar (Good Person of Szechuan), Anat Waxman, Gil Frank (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf/Havdala), Yossi Krantz (His Name Precedes Him) and Itay Tiran (Amadeus). Young artists honored were three from Gaza '71: Ilana Bavar, Ido Rosenblum and Yaniv Biton, as well as Hani Furstenburg for Amadeus. The Yosef Millo Prize for directing went to Edna Mazia for Warm Family and to Noam Shmuel for Gaza '71.