Disappointment for harpist hopefuls

Disappointment for harpi

During the second leg of competition at the International Harp Contest in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, two of the competitors abruptly stopped playing in the middle of their sets. On Monday, Italian harpist Paula Baron got confused in the middle of her piece. She was allowed to take the stage a second time in order to remain a candidate for the day's prize but was disqualified from the overall competition. On Tuesday, the last harpist to take the spotlight, Israel's Marina Rogintovsky, suddenly stopped playing, informed the judges and audience that she would be unable to continue and walked off the stage. It was later revealed that she has long suffered from a condition where her hands fall asleep; after unsuccessfully trying to rejuvenate them during the performance, she was forced to stop playing and consequently was disqualified. The contest, which began on October 6, will name its winner on October 20. In the meantime, six contestants have made it through to the semifinal round, representing Canada, Holland, Moldova, Wales and the US. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the contest, which takes place every three years.