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It seems Israelis and Americans both celebrate independence day with lots of meat and alcohol.

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There is an old Chinese proverb that asks (using the Hebrew word for grilling) what is the difference between a mangal and a barbecue? The answer, as tradition states, is that at a barbecue, the cook wears a shirt. Wardrobe choices aside, it seems that Israelis and Americans both celebrate their independence days with copious amounts of meat and alcohol. Another difference, of course, is that American restaurants don't celebrate Israel's Independence Day, while local restaurants happily serve up special dishes and deals every year on July 4. Avantgarde, an American-style restaurant, celebrates with a DJ playing American hits, special cocktails and dishes, including a 330g hamburger with onion rings and coleslaw for NIS 68 and "king in a basket" - half a fried chicken served alongside a baked potato with sour cream, also NIS 68. And, starting at 5 p.m., there's a burger eating contest. The winner of which will be dubbed king of burgers and receive a prize. Open to everyone, call the restaurant for more details and to sign up. 3 Rehov Habarzel, Ramat Hahayal; (03) 648-0082 Black Bar N' Burger, under the tutelage of chef Tzachi Bookshester, has created a low-fat turkey burger with cranberry sauce and roasted onions for NIS 49. Wrong holiday but alright. Visit rest.co.il/_intros/black/new for locations NG, a beautiful meat bar in Neve Tzedek, is offering a couples meal - one kilo of their country-reknowned spareribs with chili, coffee and garlic jam as well as two Bourbon chasers for NIS 233 (Aren't you happy America isn't 2000 years old?) 6 Rehov Ahad Ha'am, Tel Aviv; (03) 516-7888 Nana, also in Neve Tzedek, celebrates with its new chef Robert Kluger who has put together a few special American dishes just for the day. Treats include a chorizo or beef hot dog with cabbage, relish and onions for NIS 35, a quarter pounder with home fries for NIS 55 and a 400g NY sirloin - grilled and served with potatoes and salad for NIS 120. On the drink side, Nana offers scandalous deals on American brand beverages: Miller beer with a Jack Daniels chaser for NIS 29, three Jim Beam chasers for NIS 35, four Knob Creek chasers for NIS 70 and more. 1 Rehov Ahad Ha'am, Tel Aviv; (03) 568-6823 Adora is also offering special discounts on American alcohol to go alongisde chef Avi Biton's two American-inspired creations: a shrimp and avocado cocktail with spicy mayonnaise sauce for NIS 52 and a Corvina fillet in crab chowder and cream for NIS 88. 226 Rehov Ben Yehuda, Tel Aviv; (03) 605-0896 Oro, a Moroccan restaurant in Moshav Galia (near Yavne), created a unique dish combining American and Moroccan culinary traditions: a lamb burger served on crispy toasts with roasted peppers and a tomato salad in Argan oil for NIS 59 with a third of Tuborg. At the Alon gas station at the entrance to Moshav Galia; (08) 931-6617 Medzzo, an Italian Grill Bar in Herzliya, celebrates all through the weekend with a hamburger and a dessert meal for NIS 69. Special burgers include the Italian - with mozzarella and pizza sauce, a hamburger with portobello mushrooms, a hamburger with smoked goose breast and more. All burgers come with fries, a third of beer and dessert is profiteroles. At the Marina in Herzliya Pituah; (09) 951-0077 Joe Diner, also in Herzliya, is the diner-style branch of the Cafe Joe chain. There you'll find a weekend-long, brunch menu that includes such American treats as cream cheese, hash browns, steak and eggs and more for NIS 42-54. Also, every table will receive apple pie with vanilla ice cream and, as is the custom of the place, coffee is served in a bottomless cup. 22 Rehov Mashkit; (09) 951-9955 Finally, should you wish to celebrate at home sans barbecue, Beit Ha'ohel (House of Food) at Kibbutz Einat offers traditional American fare such as a whole turkey filled with croutons and root vegetables, a sweet potato pastry and Apple Brown Betty. (03)938-5122 or betaochel.com