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The music from Zvika Pik's Ten for Ten series can be heard on Cellcom's Web site and cellular portal, as well as on the radio.

svika pik 88 298 (photo credit: Courtesy)
svika pik 88 298
(photo credit: Courtesy)
FOR MANY singers these days, the road to fame is paved by a cellular phone company; and for those who have already achieved fame and fortune, the cellular phone is a means of remaining near the top of the pyramid. There is barely a week in which Cellcom is not involved in some new musical endeavor. In the Ten for Ten series, singer and songwriter Zvika Pik has written 10 songs for 10 female singers - including one of his daughters. Arguably the most famous of the singers is Maya Buskila, for whom he wrote "Nishmati" ("My Soul"), which she recorded as a single before joining the VIP Team on the Big Brother reality show. The recording, produced by Hamakor Hamusicali, can be heard on the Cellcom Web site, the Cellcom cellular portal and on radio stations throughout the country. The other nine singers are Daniella Pik, Dana Lapidot, Lee Triffin, Ortal Ofek, Hila Harari, Hila Zeitun, Adi Cohen, Sheila Farber, and Shirley Rieger.
  • CELLCOM ACTIVELY supports Israeli music and Israeli singers and musicians, and operates Cellcom Volume Centers, in which it encourages young people to connect with Israeli music. It also sponsors musical happenings and concerts in intimate surroundings like Tel Aviv's Zappa Club, where Yehudit Ravitz recently hosted Gidi Gov and Yoni Rechter at an event for the business community. Cellcom CEO Amos Shapira has arguably become one of the best unofficial authorities on local music, as he attends almost every one of these events, and also listens to Israeli music while driving.
  • NISSAN NATIV Live Art is a documentary tribute to legendary actor, director and drama teacher Nissan Nativ, who was to have received an Israel Prize Life Achievement award at the conclusion of last year's Independence Day ceremony but died of a heart attack a month before the event. Nativ, who trained some of Israel's best-known stage and screen personalities, was fond of saying to his students: "You may not become actors, but you will emerge from here as better human beings." In his will, he wrote: "I had a full life to the very end. I hope that if you do something in my memory, you will finish on a humorous note." Among those who share reminiscences in the documentary are Rami Heuberger, Keren Mor, Moshe Ivgi, Liat Glick, Rachel Schor, Ido Musari, Miki Warshaviak, and Miki Gurewicz. The documentary, made by Ita Gliksberg, will be broadcast on Channel 1 on April 9.
  • MANY LOCAL business enterprises are involved in community service, but few have made it a raison d'etre. Fashion company Comme il Faut is an exception, combining its business interests with social justice and feminism. It has sometimes been compared to Italy's Benetton. The Comme il Faut social justice activities are both large- and small-scale. Singer Marina Maximilian Blumin, who is currently the Comme il Faut Presenter, spent several hours last week working as a salesperson in Ishit, the company's nonprofit opportunity store and coffee shop on Rehov Shivtei Israel in Ramat Hasharon. Throughout March, the store encouraged owners of Comme il Faut garments from previous seasons to bring them to the store for resale to women who could otherwise not afford them. Donors received vouchers towards the purchase of clothing from the company's new collection. Maxilmilian Blumin spent much of the day helping customers decide on what to buy, folding and packing - and yes, buying a few items for herself as an additional contribution. She is due to appear at the Jaffa Theater Club on April 1, in a Comme il Faut benefit show titled "You Made Us Laugh." She will be singing a song specially written for the occasion by Shahar Segal. Others slated to appear include Orna Banai, Miki Kam, and Alma Zak.
  • WHAT GOES around comes around. After a hiatus of a decade since they last appeared on stage together, Arkadi Duchin and Meir Banai are getting together again for a series of four joint performances during the month of April - two in Zappa in Tel Aviv and two in Zappa in Herzliya. Their collaboration 10 years ago led to a very successful recording. It's still too early to tell whether history will repeat itself.
  • THE RELATIONSHIP between actress Yael Abecassis and her mother Raymonde, who has a generation's head start on Abecassis in the world of entertainment and made a great career for herself as an actress and singer, has always been warm. So it was hardly surprising that the two of them arrived arm-in-arm at Cinema City for the premiere of Michel's Secrets in Abecassis stars. Her mom will always be her biggest fan.