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After datingfor several years, despite the geographic distance between them, Israeli actress Noa Tishby and Australian musician and radio and television personality Andrew G. have decided to get hitched.

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noa tishby 88 298
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In Israel, nothing is definite until it actually happens. After the huge song and dance over MK Estherina Tartman's projected accession to the government as Minister for Tourism, inaccuracies in her CV changed the course of her destiny. Likewise, after all the hype about Rafi Ginat taking over for Shalom Kital as head of Channel 2's News Corporation, it is unclear whether the position will become his. Members of the search team for a successor failed to reach consensus. Yitzhak Livni, News Corporation Chairman of the Board and Rachel Ben Ari, the representative of the public are opposed to Ginat's candidacy. In Livni's view, allowing Ginat to continue hosting his signature show Kolbotek while serving as head of the News Corporation would be a conflict of interests. AFTER DATING for several years, despite the geographic distance between them, Israeli actress Noa Tishby, who lives in Los Angeles and Australian musician and radio and television personality Andrew G who hosts Australian Idol, have decided to get hitched. The question is whether the beautiful Noa Tishby will agree to move to Australia or whether Andrew Jonas Gunsberg, as he's registered on his birth certificate, will move to California. The wedding is due to take place not in Israel, but in LA, because contrary to what his name may imply, the bridegroom is not a member of the tribe. He was born in London in 1974 to an English mother and a Swedish father who took him to Australia when he was four months old. Tishby was born in Tel Aviv in 1977, and after appearing in several films, and television and stage productions, she headed for LA where she has also done quite well in films and television. DIVORCE HAS not had a negative effect on the income of Orna Datz. On the contrary, the singer and television hostess of Makeover has been commissioned by Home Center to lead its new pre-Pessah campaign under the slogan: "A house also needs a facelift." It seems that Datz is not just a pretty face in front of a camera. In an interview that she gave to Y-Net, Datz says that she can do almost anything around the house - carpentry, drilling, hammering nails, changing light bulbs, et al. Women don't need to depend on anyone, she says. A BLACK cat must have crossed the path of effervescent showbiz personality Michal Zuaretz. Bad enough that her Friday night guests-in-the-salon show on Channel 1 was axed. Then she was almost instantly ousted in the Dancing with the Stars contest on Channel 2, and now she's broken up with Lior Shemi who was her significant other for almost 15 months. Just how much is a girl expected to endure? AMONG THE small ironies of life are the transformations of fiction into fact. Prize winning actor Moshe Ivgi, who plays David Hachi Tov in the commercial skits for the 9,000,000 Insurance Company, happened to collide with a police car in November 2005. As a result, the police are suing 9,000,000 and Ivgi for damages to the tune of NIS 53,568. It transpired that Ivgi was speeding and hit the stationary vehicle which was parked on the side of the road. He then spun around with the force of the collision and hit it again. But all's well that ends well. The insurance company didn't cancel his contract and he continues to star in new commercials on its behalf on a regular basis.