A winter wonderland of style

This winter saw the revival of some old trends as well as the birth of some fresh new ones. Find out about the hottest looks of this icy season.

Winter wonderland (photo credit: Courtesy)
Winter wonderland
(photo credit: Courtesy)
There are thousands of things you can loath about the winter – the frostbite, the bitter cold, less sun and, in Israel, the terribly unpredictably thunderstorms. But one thing that is impossible to hate is winter fashion! Between the stylish boots, coats, hats and scarves, who can really despise this season?
But now winter is almost half-way over (which is probably hard to image for those of you buried under mountains upon mountains of snow). Stores have already begun clearing away the winter lines to make room for the new spring arrivals. But before we get too excited for the upcoming spring looks, here's a quick glance back at some this winter's top trends (and a chance to see how in style you actually were this season):
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We 'Suited up'This winter, women got to go black tie. And no, not by putting on an elegant evening gown, but by throwing on a tuxedo jacket. That’s right ladies, this season is the time to "suit up" – well only with the jacket. The style's fitted cut and long lines gives everyone an incredibly long and lean look while its versatility allows us to dress it up or down – creating multiple fabulous looks. Pair it with a sexy camisole and skinny jeans, or a long t-shirt and leggings. And the simplicity allows you accessorize! From boots, to scarves, to earrings, bangles and long necklaces, the possibilities are endless.
We strutted around in sexy bootsEach year, designers bring out a variation of this winter classic – from the ankle boot to the stiletto knee high boot (to even the cowgirl and platform boot at one point), there are countless styles to choose from. This year’s winner was of course none other than the flat heeled knee high boot.  Offering a feminine and sexy feeling, this boot not only looks great (pair it with skinny jeans or leggings), but it also extremely comfortable and easy to walk in - which is very useful when you are running to get inside before your feet actually freeze off.
We enlisted in the military (style that is)
"Atten-tion" ladies this is one trend not to wage war against! The military-chic has been all the rage for some time now; but this winter, this style went from big to bigger – taking the catwalk and our wardrobes by full force. This season's commanding trend includes heavy military boots, edgy military jackets in kakis and grays as well as ankle-grazing long coats cinched with leather belt. However, if these earthy tones are just too uniform for you, break out of the formation in a fire red coat (a color that made a huge comeback this winter) with a military touch.

We took a flight in the aviator jacket
While one way to keep warm this winter would be to hop on a plane to Florida (or to Israel for that matter – as it is still over 60 degrees every day here), another way is to warm up is inside the smoking hot aviator jacket!  Offering a polished modern look, this jacket provides the perfect blend of practicality and style. From brown and black leathers with a fur collar to a creamy white sheerling, this jacket comes in so many different tones and styles that it is impossible to not find one that pleases you.
We warmed up to this desert tone
Camel coat
Camel coat
Out with the black and in with the camel! From cappuccino to cream, this "nude" tone was most definitely the "it" color for this season. The tones versatility allowed us to mix and match it with a multitude of different shades and patterns. The camel coat was of course the big winner of this season with its perfect adaptability to any occasion – wear it at the office, to an elegant dinner party or to even a casual Sunday brunch.
We engaged our primal instincts
Animal prints made a roaring comeback this season, with the leopard print leading the pack. While you could go head-to-toe in this print (as we saw on the catwalk), less is sometimes more when it comes to these furious patterns. This season, these wild patterns made for exquisite accessories– from belts, to shoes to handbags and scarves of course. However, animal prints were not the only patterns springing to life this season. Geometric patterns and brush stroke prints grabbed their fair share of the spotlight too.