Consuming beauty

Sorbet is not only a refreshing treat to eat on a summer day, it's also the inspiration for Sabon Shel Pa'am's new line of body lotions.

Estee Lauder's Clear Difference Advanced Oil-Control Hydrator really did make a difference for a colleague with oily skin. She noticed that as the day wore on, her skin was not as shiny as usual. While not completely eliminating her skin's oily tendencies, it definitely gave her skin a more matte finish. This moisturizer is highly recommended for those with oily skin, although it is somewhat pricy - a 50 ml. bottle, with pump dispenser, is NIS 200. The flats I tried out by Beautifeel were a blessing for tired feet, and the fun pink-reddish flower design drew a lot of compliments. The insole and latex sole feel so comfortable that you can walk all day long in these shoes. Beautifeel's shoes are certainly not cheap, but if you want shoes that combine comfort and elegance, they're worth the investment. Certain models (both heels and flats) are available in white or off-white, and are an excellent choice for brides, who will have to stand on their feet and dance a lot at their wedding. The price for the flats with a flower design, also available decorated with blue flowers, is NIS 529. Sorbet is not only a refreshing treat to eat on a summer day, it's also the inspiration for Sabon Shel Pa'am's new line of body lotions that come in fruity "flavors" such as mango, apple-lavender, lemon-mint and vanilla-coconut. The mango flavor was tried by a friend, who found it refreshing and easily absorbed; the fragrance evaporated very quickly, though. A 200 ml. jar of sorbet-inspired body lotion is NIS 74. Are you tired of your same old teeth-brushing routine? Crest promises to make this chore more enjoyable. The new Crest Whitening Expressions toothpaste flavors are a change from the standard mint. I personally found the Citrus Breeze, with lemon and orange flavor, and the Exotic Energy, with tropical fruit flavors, to be a little too sweet. The Extreme Green, on the other hand, with menthol extract, was very refreshing. A 100 ml. tube of this toothpaste, which also promises to whiten your teeth, is NIS 17. Dior's new foundation, Diorskin Airflash, comes in a spray bottle, and promises to offer a very light "mist" of make-up. The company advises you to first spray the foundation on the palm of your hand and then apply it with your fingers in order to avoid getting it on your clothes or hair. The only problem with this method is that it's no different from using a foundation with a pump dispenser, so why bother with a spray? If you try spraying it directly on your face - with your eyes closed, of course - and you're lucky enough that it ends up where you aimed it, the application is a lot faster. The make-up feels light and spreads evenly. Diorskin is available in four shades; a 50 ml. spray-bottle is NIS 248. Lancaster's new Aquasun eau de toilette has top notes of orange blossom, bergamot, and mandarin, as well as elements of lemon and jasmine. The scent is citrusy, sweet but fresh, and was well-received by a friend who was looking for a new fragrance; a 50 ml. bottle is NIS 335, and 100 ml. is NIS 489.