Consuming Beauty

A colleague was hoping she could show up at her son's wedding with fuller lips and fewer lines around them.

My mother-in-law, who very much dislikes the brown spots on her hands which betray her age, was happy to try out the Sisley anti-aging hand cream. The cream supposedly diminishes brown spots and the signs of aging. The only problem was the unpleasant smell, which inhibited frequent use. The cream's texture was pleasant, and it was absorbed quickly. The results should be visible after about eight weeks. The price for the Sisley Global Anti-Age Hand Care is pretty steep: a 75 ml. tube is NIS 580. A colleague who avoids wearing heavy, masculine-scented colognes liked Bulgari Aqua Pour Homme. It is a clean, refreshing scent with some woody and citrus notes. One of the modern blends that are great to wear at the office as well as in the evening, other colleagues in the office appreciated the fragrance as well. In spite of the fact that it reads "lotion" on the bottle it's a normal after shave; a 100 ml. bottle is NIS 345. A woman who tried Soft Touch's Jojoba Pure facial cream wash was amazed at how well it removed make up and dirt. While the product is good, the packaging is less impressive. The bottle leaks a little and is not compact enough to be removed from the bathroom. If not for the packaging she would have considered moving over to this product, even though at NIS 54.90 it is more expensive that some other facial washes on the market. A colleague was hoping she could show up at her son's wedding with fuller lips and fewer lines around them with the help of Estee Lauder's new Perfectionist Correcting Concentrate for Lip Lines. She was, however, disappointed to find that the cream actually dried out her lips, and no dramatic change was visible. The result of the cream should be visible after about one month's use; a 2.5 ml. stick is NIS 230. Stendhal Pur Luxe Lip and Contour Balm, however, was appreciated very much by another test subject. The white cream, which has to be applied on and around the lips, was moisturizing and felt pleasant, but a dramatic change was also hard to detect with its use. The small bottle's pump system was a little annoying, and sometimes it would take a while for the cream to come out; a 15 ml. bottle is NIS 540. My neighbor, who uses little make-up or perfume, loved Intima Body Sorbet, a refreshing body lotion that has a cooling effect on a hot day. The Body Sorbet comes in four fruity, not overbearing, fragrances, as the current trend prescribes passionfruit, apricot, kiwi and melon. The skin felt silky soft and refreshed after use; the colorful jars can be purchased at Intima lingerie stores for NIS 39.90. Lancaster Beauty Source Age-Defying Spa Foundation is a wonderful cream that goes on smoothly and evenly. The creamy-gel texture provides good coverage, yet does not cause a dry sensation. The foundation contains a sun protection factor of 15. A 30 ml. bottle is NIS 299; the foundation is available in seven different shades.