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Lacoste's new perfume for women, called Inspiration, was described as very elegant, a little sweet and flowery but not too overbearing by our test subject.

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A friend was raving about the way her skin looked after applying Lancome Magie Matte mousse foundation. The thick mousse-like consistency of the cream feels a little funny during application (after all, mousse isn't something you normally would put on your face), but it goes on easily, feels very light, and covered her somewhat oily skin very nicely. The foundation is supposed to last up to 12 hours. Too bad this stuff is a little on the pricy side: a 20 gr. jar is NIS 280. Olive oil is now a popular ingredient in cosmetics, and coinciding with the olive harvest season, Schwartz natural cosmetics is launching a new line of products containing olive oil. The Face Scrub enriched with olive oil, Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5 doesn't look very natural; its color is a kind of artificial green. Olive oil is indeed somewhere on the ingredient list, but overall the product doesn't seem very natural, and is less appealing than other products made by Schwartz. The smell is also not so pleasant, though as a scrub it does an okay job. The price for a 250 ml. bottle is NIS 21.90; also available is a Bath Peeling Gel enriched with olive oil and Vitamin E (NIS 29.90 for 500 ml.). Now that winter is here, along with taking Vitamin C pills to ward off colds, your skin might also benefit from it as an ingredient in your face cream. Helena Rubinstein has introduced a new facial serum that also serves as a mild peeling, along with a face cream with pure Vitamin C that supposedly restores radiance to the skin. A friend tried the C-Genius day cream, which is actually supposed to complement the serum, but can also be used by itself. The color of the cream is slightly orange, reminding you right away of citrus fruit, and it has a very subtle but pleasant smell. The cream felt delicious and very moisturizing, though needed a little time to be absorbed before make-up could be applied. This luxurious cream is in the higher price range: a 50 ml. jar is NIS 500. Lacoste's new perfume for women, called Inspiration, was described as very elegant, a little sweet and flowery but not too overbearing by our test subject. The oval-shaped bottle is rather simple, and has a light look to it. The only problem my friend has now is keeping it away from her teenage daughter; the price for a 50 ml. bottle is NIS 353, and 75 ml. is NIS 451. M.A.C. has a series of new eye liners in some pretty striking colors, including a purple called "Pop Iris," a bronze called "Auto-Orange" and a pink called "Fuchsia-ism." A friend who tried the Liquidlast Liner in the color "Aqualine," a turquoise, found it to be a little too expressive. She also found out why it's called Liquidlast, since she was almost unable to remove it with any make-up remover. So if you're looking for something really long-lasting that will make an impact, try the M.A.C. Liquidlast, available at malls in Ramat Aviv and Ra'anana for NIS 99. Dr. Fischer's Botanical Facial Cream Wash with jasmine milk is a soft, non-aggressive facial cleanser that smells delicious, too. The cream has to be applied to a slightly wet face, massaged in and rinsed off, creating a slightly foaming soap. There is a facial cream wash for dry to normal skin (with jasmine milk) and one for sensitive skin (with chamomile). And luckily, a good product doesn't always have to be expensive: a 200 ml. tube is only NIS 20.