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Yves Saint Laurent's newest fragrance is called Young, Sexy, Lovely (if you didn't notice, these are the initials of the fashion house's name).

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A friend was very enthusiastic about the moisturizing facial mask containing vitamin C made by a company with the somewhat strange name N.M.F. (stands for natural moisturizing factor). The cream has a light orange color and smells a little like citrus fruit, giving you the impression your skin is taking in the vitamin C. After leaving it on for some 20 minutes, it does lend your skin a very smooth feeling. N.M.F. products can be found at selected beauticians; a 50-ml. jar of the facial mask is NIS 260. Yves Saint Laurent's newest fragrance is called Young, Sexy, Lovely (if you didn't notice, these are the initials of the fashion house's name). The scent is rather sweet, with lots of fruity notes, such as pear, mandarin, peach and cherry blossom. The glass bottle is light pink and has an imprint of an asymmetrical heart with the logo on it; the design is supposed to be "sophisticated kitsch." For those who like it sweet; the price for 50 ml. is NIS 400, and 75 ml. is NIS 465. If spring inspires you to change the look of your bedroom with some fresh bed linens, the new collection by Vardinon should have something to your liking. The collection is divided into subgroups, with the themes Garden Party, Ocean, White, Classic or Latin. From the Garden Party series, we received a vintage-look set called Julie, a colorful set with a light green and yellow base color decorated with big prints of orange, red, yellow and purple flowers. The sheets are 100 per cent cotton, which requires some ironing, but the quality of the linens compensates for this nuisance and the price; the set for a double bed is NIS 400. For a romantic look you can find designs such as Purity, with white roses set on a beige background, or Sindy, white with small pink and blue embroidered flowers. Propolis is an ingredient made by bees now found in many food supplements that is supposed to improve your immune system, but you probably wouldn't expect to find it in toothpaste. Colgate has a new toothpaste called Herbal Propolis, and luckily it doesn't taste like honey. The propolis helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy; the mint-flavored Herbal Propolis is NIS 15 for a 100-ml. tube. My husband, who's old enough to remember when double-bladed razors first appeared, and who still complains about not being able to get a smooth shave, was more than happy to try out the new Gillette Fusion shaver. This comes equipped with no fewer than five blades, and is available in two versions: the regular, and the battery-operated Gillette Fusion Power with vibrating blades. My husband tried the latter and said it did deliver a smoother shave - although now he's expecting a six- or seven-blade version for his tough beard. The Gillette Fusion with two cartridges is NIS 55, and the Gillette Fusion Power with one cartridge is NIS 65, and a four-pack of cartridges is NIS 70 for the Gillette Fusion and NIS 85 for the Gillette Fusion Power. Dr. Fischer has shampoo and soapless soap that are especially suitable to bathe your baby before he goes to sleep. The Kamil Blue Sensitive bath soap and shampoo contain lavender and chamomile, which are supposed to be relaxing. Friends who tried the shampoo for their baby liked the smell, and it was good for a three-year-old as well. The Sensitive shampoo and soap are now available in economy-size, one-liter bottles for NIS 30.