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The Scholl Fresh Step crackling-ice foot-gel had me and my daughters all giggling after spraying it on our feet.

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dr scholl 88
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Biotherm has a new foundation with the somewhat strange name Long Wear Detox, giving the impression this is a cleaning product instead of makeup. It is supposed to last for 14 hours, helping skin to breathe thanks to an oxygenation agent. It is easily applied with your fingertips and feels very light, and as promised doesn't need to be reapplied during the course of the day. The color I tried evened out skin blemishes nicely, without looking cakey at all; a 30-ml. bottle is NIS 170. With the arrival of summer we have to protect ourselves from damaging sun rays before stepping out the door, and Skingard has a new spray that will make this job fast and neat. Its novelty is that it is transparent, and supposedly you don't have to rub it in, resulting in the sticky hands common in the use of similar products. It dries quickly and doesn't feel sticky, but actually I still felt I had to rub it in, otherwise it would be dripping down my arms and legs. The spray comes with a sun protection factor of 15 and 30, costing NIS 64 or NIS 69 respectively for a 200-ml. (ozone-friendly) bottle. My husband has a rather tough beard, so he was curious to see if the new Clarins Men Skin Difference cream would make his morning shave a smoother and more pleasant experience. Skin Difference is a nighttime treatment that supposedly softens the texture of the hair follicle during the night and slows down growth, so shaving the next morning becomes easier. After rubbing in the cream for a while, my husband found it made a little difference, but it's still not the magical solution he's waiting for. Skin Difference is a good moisturizer though; a 30-ml. bottle is NIS 229. Lacoste Hot Play is a new fragrance for men that is especially suitable for the hot summer days. It is very fruity and a little bolder than the previous version, Lacoste Red. The design of the bottle is exactly the same, only this time the color is yellow-orange, associated with the heat of summer. A 125-ml. bottle is NIS 338. Lacoste also has a new fragrance for women, called Touch of Spring (NIS 314 for 90 ml.). Those who don't want to spend time in the sun but still want a bronzed look can use self-tanning products. They are usually a little tricky and, as an inexperienced user, I was a little hesitant using L'Ore'al Sublime Bronze self-tanning cream. For starters, I used it only on my legs, and found it surprisingly easy to use and not smelly at all. Although the cream itself is very brown, when you rub it in the color disappears; it also has tiny glitters in it, but luckily this has only a subtle shimmering effect. The next morning I woke up with nicely tanned legs (apart from a little spot at my ankle that I somehow missed). Don't be startled when after a few days the water turns brown when you shower: The gel just washes off eventually. For best results, you should use it on a daily basis until you get the desired tan, and about twice a week after that. L'Or al Sublime Bronze gel for the body is NIS 90 for a 150-ml. tube. The Scholl Fresh Step crackling-ice foot-gel had me and my daughters all giggling after spraying it on our feet. The gel feels very cool at first, and then starts to kind of sizzle, making a crackling noise. It is refreshing and deodorizing, and no other foot spray is as much fun to apply; a 150-ml. bottle is NIS 60. Scholl also has a series of three treatment products to pamper your feet: a moisturizing cream, a rough skin remover and a softening foot lotion; all three Foot Therapy products are NIS 45 each.