Consuming Beauty

The Jojoba glaze adds moisturizer to the hair, and helps you style it more easily the way you want it.

During the hot summer days we should protect our hair, just as much as our skin, from the damaging effects of the sun and the chlorine in pool water. Vitamins serum, containing nine plant extracts, plus a filter that protects the hair from UV-rays, nourishes the hair and repairs damaged ends. After shampooing, you should take just a few drops and spread it out mainly on the ends of your hair, so as not to weigh it down. The serum feels sticky on your hands, but leaves your hair feeling super-soft. One of the ingredients is argan oil, or Moroccan oil, which can be detected in the fragrance. Vitamins hair products are available at selected hairdressers. The price for the serum is NIS 99.90 a bottle, which should last you a long time. Now available here are the John Frieda Frizz-Ease hair products, well known in the US and other countries. My daughter, who has a curly head of hair, tried the Hair Serum in extra-strength formula, which supposedly smooths and controls unruly frizz. You just need a few drops of the serum to distribute it throughout your hair. The serum left my daughter's hair pleasant and soft to the touch; it also helps to prevent future frizz, when used daily. The John Frieda products are available at the SuperPharm chain; a 50-ml. bottle of the serum is NIS 119.95. A friend with beautiful curly hair tried the Mon Platin Jojoba Styling Glaze, especially suitable for styling curls. The Jojoba glaze adds moisturizer to the hair, and helps you style it more easily the way you want it; it is a good product to help control the volume of the hair, to keep curls in shape, and to add shine. You have to shake the bottle well before use, otherwise the product is too liquid. Mon Platin hair products are available at selected hairdressers. A 500-ml. bottle of Jojoba Styling Glaze is NIS 80. L'Oréal has a new series of hair products called Play Ball, four funky-looking ball-shaped colorful bottles with a white cap. The Soda Sparkler is a shimmer spray, which was much appreciated by the teen who tested it, because of its glitter effect. The spray, which smells like tonic water, lets you style your hair as you spritz it on; shake the bottle first. The Silky Sunshine serum spray was also thought to be a nice product, for a smooth look and touch thanks to the added silicone, and it adds just a little hold. The other two products in the Play Ball Series are Texture Tonic and Cosmo Spritzer. L'Oréal Professional products are available at selected hairdressers. A 150-ml. bottle of Play Ball is NIS 119. The new version of Head and Shoulders shampoo and conditioner, which now comes in a newly designed bottle, was thought to be doing a nice job by our test subject, a woman suffering slightly from dandruff, but with thick, curly hair which has a tendency to become dry. The Classic Version had a pleasant, refreshing fragrance, and left the hair feeling manageable. Also available are versions for dyed hair, for silky smooth hair and extra-fresh with menthol; the price for a 400-ml. bottle is NIS 25, and 750 ml. is NIS 41. The new Dove Anti-Dandruff shampoo and conditioner were thought to be a little less refreshing, but they added more moisturizer (the product claims to contain 25 percent moisturizing cream) and left the hair feeling very soft. A 400-ml. bottle is NIS 18 to NIS 20, and 700 ml. is NIS 26 to NIS 30. For an extra treat, your hair could use a hair mask from time to time, and there are some on the market that require only a few more minutes of your time. A friend who goes to the pool almost every day, which is great for her shape but not doing her hair any good, tried the Michel Mercier hair mask for dyed hair, enriched with wheat-germ oil. After shampooing your hair, you have to massage it in and leave it on for three minutes. The hair was soft and easy to comb after using the mask, and hopefully it will protect the hair from further chlorine damage. A 500-ml. jar is NIS 37. Another hair mask for dry and dyed hair is the Obliphica Treatment Hair Mask. This mask also has to be left on the hair for two to three minutes, and leaves it softer and more manageable. Also available in the Obliphica series is a Hair Treatment Moisturizing Cream, suitable for dry, damaged and curly hair. This cream, which is not rinsed out, was not judged too favorably by my daughter, who didn't think it did enough to untangle her curls. The Obliphica products are available at selected hairdressers; the hair mask is NIS 120 for 500 ml., and the moisturizing cream is NIS 75 for 525 ml.