What's new this winter?

DKNY Delicious is a very popular fragrance and does smell delicious indeed. The new version of this perfume, perfect for fall and winter weather, is DKNY Red Delicious.

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dkny perfume 88
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Avene Cleanance is a series of products suitable for oily and blemish-prone skin. In other words, it's something your teenager might like to use. My 10-year-old daughter, who's already showing the first signs of teenage skin with blackheads and pimples on her nose, is now using the soapless gel cleanser to wash her face every morning. It smells pleasant, feels good, and hopefully it will keep skin clean and prevent further clogging up of pores. A 200 ml. bottle of Cleanance gel is NIS 109; also available are Cleanance Emulsion, an anti-shine regulating lotion, and Cleanance K, to help eliminate blackheads and blemishes - both NIS 128.83 for 40 ml. A friend who likes to apply her foundation with a sponge loved the new Maria Galland powder makeup, which comes packed in a very elegant, silver-colored, round container that will look chic in your pocketbook. The makeup has a powdery feel to it and goes on smoothly. The only tricky part is finding the right way to open up the bottom part to take out the sponge. Once you master this, it's perfect, except for the price, which is a little on the high side at NIS 240. Maria Galland products are available through selected beauticians only. Call (03) 647-1151 to find out where you can get them. DKNY Delicious is a very popular fragrance and does smell delicious indeed. The new version of this perfume, perfect for fall and winter weather, is DKNY Red Delicious. The bottle has the same apple shape as the original version, only this time, the color of the fragrance is red and the fruity-fresh scent itself is a little more intense than the original Delicious. DKNY Delicious is available in a version for women and one for men. The price for a 50 ml. bottle of DKNY Red Delicious for women is NIS 310, and a 100 ml. bottle is NIS 430. The Time Defying Eye & Lip Cream in the Dr. Fischer's Age Control Firming series was thought to be a pleasant product by our test subject, who uses eye cream religiously morning and night. The cream was easily absorbed, but whether it really helped to reduce wrinkles is hard to say. The eye and lip cream is suitable for dry skin and has a sun protection factor of no less than 32, which is a plus; the price is NIS 160 for 30 ml. The Time Defying Day Cream (NIS 170 for 55 ml.) also got rave reviews, and my friend who used it claimed she would continue buying this product. To complement the cream, it is recommended to take the Beauty Age Capsules, containing vitamins, minerals and the coenzyme Q10 every day (NIS 250 for 60 capsules), but that, frankly, is a bit of a pain for someone who barely remembers to take her regular vitamins every day. Kef has a new line of cream washes and body lotions containing yogurt powder, supposedly providing the skin with moisturizers and softness. The yogurt cream wash with berry and the body lotion with peach-apricot fragrance were very much to the liking of a teenage girl, and the fruity smell seems to be mostly appealing to a younger audience. The four exotic fragrances in the Kef yogurt products are berries, peach-apricot, litchi-pineapple, and coconut-vanilla. The price of the products is reasonable, making them accessible to everyone: a 750 ml. bottle of yogurt cream wash is NIS 19.90, and a 300 ml. container of yogurt body lotion is NIS 29.90. The new Dior lipsticks, called Rouge Dior, are super-creamy lipsticks that smell good, and are applied super-easily. The new look of the lipstick case emanates a subtle luxury too, with dark blue and black colors and an imitation alligator-skin pattern. The Festival Beige shade I tried felt very moisturizing, but needed to be reapplied frequently. To have this luxury item in your purse, you must part with NIS 149.