Ask the Barman: Charming the local ladies

Self-confessed ladies man Dor Lupo explains why Tel Aviv neighborhood bar Ze Pequeno is the perfect place to get acquainted with the locals.

Dor Lupo barman 311 (photo credit: Yoni Cohen)
Dor Lupo barman 311
(photo credit: Yoni Cohen)
Self-confessed ladies man Dor Lupo has worked as a bartender for nearly three years, and has been polishing his skills at Tel Aviv neighborhood bar Ze Pequeno for the past year.
The 26-year-old, who is originally from a small town near Kfar Saba, spends his nights partying hard and serving cocktails to the prettiest girls in Tel Aviv. By day he is a serious economics student looking to the future.
Lupo says that you can’t learn to be a bartender by doing a course. For him, it's important to be relaxed and let everything come naturally. “If it doesn’t come easy then maybe it isn’t for you,” he says with a cheeky smile. He took some time out from charming the local ladies to answer a few questions about his “dream” profession.
Photo: Yoni Cohen
Photo: Yoni Cohen
How did you get into bartending?
I started working at weddings, but there you don’t really need to know the alcohol - you just pour it. Then I started working at a music bar, where I learnt to be a real bartender.
What is the craziest night you have ever had when working behind the bar?
Every night when you go out with a girl that you met at the bar it's pretty crazy. When parties end at seven in the morning it can also get crazy. Sometimes I feel like I've been hit by a tsunami.
So even though you're working its still fun?
Yes. You drink so much that you don’t even realize the time passing and you just enjoy yourself. If you can’t drink then I don’t think you can be a bartender.
Who is the most interesting person that you have ever served?
Girls in general – they really interest me.Also, if you have enough alcohol then everyone is interesting on some level.
Photo: Yoni Cohen
Photo: Yoni Cohen
What is your favorite drink to serve?
I don’t really have a favorite.
But if there's a nice girl to serve it to then does that make serving the drink more enjoyable?
Of course. You will serve it with a bigger smile and even maybe ask for a phone number.
Would you say that you treat girls who come to this bar better than guys?
No. If they are really cool guys then they're OK – I will still be nice to them!
On that note, how many people hit on you in a night?
If a girl wants me then she will give subtle signals but in general only about one girl a week. They usually just leave a napkin with their number.
Photo: Yoni Cohen
Photo: Yoni Cohen
What is the best part about the job?
You are living in a party. Everyone is in a good mood all the time. My work involves alcohol, dancing and girls. What could be better?
So even though you are going to work you are in fact going to a party?
Yes! That is why when I have a night off I don’t go out – I want to relax.
Will you miss your bartending days?
Yes., I've had the time of my life. And I'm doing it in Tel Aviv – the best place to be a bartender!
Would you want to be a bartender anywhere else in the world?
No. Tel Aviv is the place to be. I love the Israeli girls too much – I just couldn’t leave them behind.
Ze Pequeno, 128 Ben Yehuda, Tel Aviv.
Open 9 p.m. till the last person leaves.
From age 23 and above.
Telephone: 054 222 6950