Youtube sensation eats her way through Israel

In episode named "Emmy Eats Israel," online food taster Emmy Made in Japan samples some of Israel's most popular treats including Bamba, Bisli, Crembo and gives her own unique verdict.

Emmy Eats Japan (photo credit: YouTube screenshot)
Emmy Eats Japan
(photo credit: YouTube screenshot)
After sampling foods from various countries around the world, Youtube sensation Emmy Made in Japan has released a video of herself sampling a selection of Israeli treats.
In the episode named "Emmy Eats Israel," Emmy can be seen tasting a selection of sweet and savory Israeli snacks, including popular favorites such as Bamba, Bisli, Crembo, halva and honey cookies as well as the slightly more obscure choice of tinned pickled eggplants. The treats were sent to her by a fan named Todd, who lives in the US but says that the foods he chose were some of his childhood favorites.  
Emmy Made in Japan has become a Youtube sensation by filming herself sampling food from all over the world sent to her in packages by subscribers.
Each video focuses on a specific country and features Emmy giving her opinion on all the weird and wonderful foods that she tastes.