In the best of spirits

Called by experts ‘the best spirit in the world,’ Highland Park is a real treat for whiskey lovers who can afford its steep price.

Highland Park (photo credit: Courtesy)
Highland Park
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Highland Park Single Malt is considered by some to be the finest spirit in the world. Distilled by Highland Park Distillery in Orkney, the most northerly whiskey distillery in Scotland was founded in 1798.
Highland Park is one of the greatest of the scotch industry, and all its products are ideal for whiskey connoisseurs to explore. Each of the three that were tasted at a recent presentation in Tel Aviv’s The Traklin restaurant, along with fantastic food, was a spectacular example of its portfolio.
Highland Park distills its single malt scotch from hand-turned malt, a considerably aromatic peat, and uses coal maturation in sherry oak casks to finish it off.
Highland Park’s 12-year-old may be the youngest of the portfolio, but it is in no way unexceptional. It is a very balanced and rich drink that has deep, round smoked flavors combined with the sweetness of the heather bushes that grow in the area. As the base expression of the lot, this is a simply wonderful experience.(NIS 490) The Highland Park 18-Year-Old Scotch Whiskey is one of the best in the world, and my personal favorite. This is a stunning scotch, balanced with rich flavors, the perfect amount of peat and a delicious, sweet oak. If you consider yourself a whiskey lover and have not tried this bottle, you are missing out on a specimen of immaculate design. (NIS 1,400).
We also tasted the wonderful 25- year-old that has an extremely aromatic, warm oak to it that holds a complex array of dark chocolate and fruits, along with spicy notes of cinnamon and nutmeg (NIS 2,500).
Highland Park is imported to Israel by the France-Israel company (09) 741- 1774